Annoucing Full Line of Mythological Skeleton Designs in the Tiny Bone Kits

Tiny skeleton model kits that you assemble with tweezers and glue.

New York, NY, August 09, 2015 –(– After successful funding of their first Kickstarter project to create a unique Tiny Human skeleton that is less than 2 inches tall, the team at is introducing more amazing additions to this ‘make-it-yourself’ Tiny Monster skeleton collection on Kickstarter.

Their new crowdfunding campaign was launched to add kits to make an Angel, a Minotaur, a Cyclops, and a Medusa skeleton. The kits will ultimately be sold on their official website,, as well as on Etsy, where the skeleton kit from the previous Tiny Human crowdfunding campaign is already available.

For those who are not familiar with the project, Herbert Hoover and his team completed a Kickstarter project two years ago to create a Tiny Human skeleton, which consists of 42 pieces that can be assembled anywhere without any cutting tools, using glue and tweezers.

Since then the Tiny Human has become one of the best-selling Tinysaur kits. The all-in-one kit consists of everything required to build the Tinysaur including laser cut parts, glue, tweezers, a magnifier, and printed instructions as well as a glass display dome, and wooden base to display the miniature model.

The instruction drawings and initial prototypes of the new skeleton designs are complete, and are almost ready to be launched on their website with the help of the funding received from their second Kickstarter project. They hope to surpass their first Kickstarter by offering even more great rewards to their backers.

So the team is trying something they have never done before: offering assembled Tinysaurs in a display case not available on their official website as a reward for pledging $65 USD.

The first stretch goal has been unlocked, rewarding anyone pledging $8 USD or more with a free pointy tweezer along with their chosen reward. Once the project reaches the goal of $10,000 they will also release a secret prototype from their newest laboratory experiment for anyone who pledges $24 USD or more. Backers will receive the secret prototype before it is released for sale in January or February. Stretch goal rewards will be sent separately to ensure timely delivery of the regular rewards.

Hoover is also creating 3-D assembly instructions for all of the Tinysaur kits so builders can view each step from all angles, and even zoom in to better see how the parts join together.
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