Announcing 21 Ft. South as Luca Brinciotti’s Latest Edited and Directed Short Film

Los Angeles, CA, May 19, 2015 –(– 21 ft. South, the latest short film edited and directed by Luca Brinciotti, employs an editing style that captures the essence of the movie by use of a unique rhythm. In 2013, Brinciotti also edited and directed Free Refill, which played at the TCL Chinese Theater this past March. There, you can see a deliberate use of juxtaposition between two very different characters going through similar problems. In other hands, this type of editing can become very choppy and slow the pace of a movie down, but with both films you can see how Brinciotti’s editing does something very different. The characters are given enough time to breathe, as is the audience, allowing everyone to become immersed and actually care for the story. Brinciotti’s smooth transitions and a deft eye for pacing are highlights of his style. This same keen sense of rhythm is also present in his music video and commercial work. That is to say, Brinciotti is not just a narrative editor, but also a disciplined purveyor of classic story construction.
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Jack Days
Film Editor