Announcing Journey To Getting It

Dec. 7, 2006 – Written by Avil Beckford, President of Ambeck Enterprise, and born out of her upcoming book Tales of People Who Get It to be released in January 2007, the workbook inspires the reader to achieve personal and professional success, and offers a series of thought-provoking exercises, suggestions, and recommendations to increase one’s personal and professional awareness as part of a journey to self-discovery. Journey To Getting It is available online at for $40 US.

The interviewees in Tales of People Who Get It exhibit 13 common qualities or what Beckford has coined in her workbook “ItnessPoints.” Each ItnessPoint falls along the Itness Continuum, a scale that ranges from non-itness on one side to ultimate enlightenment on the other. The Continuum indicates where some people have more of “It” than others. Journey To Getting It takes the 13 ItnessPoints, categorizes them into three key themes: focus, learning and passion. The points are distilled into the Itness Funnel to develop a process of self-discovery. Beckford then shows that in 365 days, anyone can learn how to “get it.”

In addition, Journey To Getting It is loaded with a variety developmental tools. From Einstein Distraction Index that emphasizes one’s ability to focus to The Continuous Learner Buddy System TM that kick starts a continuous learning program to several effective assessment tools that uncovers one’s passion.

Reflecting on her workbook, Beckford says, “One of the goals of Journey to Getting It is to help people become more valuable to themselves and to others, which is important in the present economic climate. With the speed and scope of change, information is now the currency that rules the world. In our present global environment, people who “get it” have a distinct advantage because they are change resilient and can find and seize the opportunities brought about by change.”

Contact: Avil Beckford
President, Ambeck Enterprise

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