Announcing the Exciting Discovery of New Origin of Man Theory

Nov. 4, 2006 – Science and religion regrettably limit what we are willing to explore on our own but a new book re-explores our origins. It is the proverbial chicken and the egg paradox. If man evolved from ape, knowing what we know now about hybridization and DNA—man had to have interbred with ape. So man must have already been here, right? Metaphysically, the book discusses if man was created by god, how and why here? Tough questions require not just study of ancient texts, archeology, and molecular biology but thorough research requires that new paradigms be explored as well.

The book—Rethink Everything: Finding the Missing Links by researcher Lana Thomas, MS logically explores the obvious that many researchers ignore. Is it possible mankind came here from other planets in starships millions of years ago? Such would explain why there is so much evidence of ET’s artifacts and the influence of alien beings recorded throughout time. Their influence is obvious but obviously ignored. They did not come to influence us but they were indeed us. Thus, can we communicate with interplanetary beings? Thomas says, “Yes”.

She states, “If we came from other planets, consider that we were not created here or that we did not evolve here, but that we were sent here for a reason beyond the scientific and religious explanations of our presence here today. To consider alternative theories might require losing our station as god’s pet project but Rethink Everything even disputes our position as gods select but wayward children.”

Is it possible that lost civilizations such as the Mesopotamians did not just ‘disappear’ but merely left in ships to avoid the same type of impending doom the planet could be facing today? Do they ever return? It appears so. The author asks, “Consider if you will that even our diversity can be comfortably explained by the understanding that we came from many different worlds and brought our diversity and culture with us?” She stresses, “We try to find unity and yet, is our diversity too misunderstood.”

Rethink Everything: Finding the Missing Links is definitely worth a read because you will view the world and your purpose here differently for the rest of your life.

Presented by All Worlds Link—an inspirational on line think tank that questions our approach to social issues such as war, religion, diversity and our lack of unity. This stimulating new book is available online at Lana’s Bookstore in eBook or Paperback.

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