Announcing Wordsitebuilder Script To Create Word Cloud Sites Like And

Nov. 3, 2006 – Word cloud sites like and have become instant hits and are drawing attention of large number of Internet advertisers. Niche marketers are actively seeking efficient and inexpensive scripts to create such sites at a low cost. WordSiteBuilder was launched this Monday by developers of to help these marketers create powerful word cloud sites in different niche areas and make money selling word links on these sites.

The developers have created the script with a view to provide maximum ease of use to the script owners. At the same time, they have ensured that the generated sites have a nice look and feel so that the visitors are attracted and feel comfortable browsing the site and using the services. “We have incorporated several features in the software so that the sites can pass on a good amount of SEO credit to the advertisers”, reported Arun Agrawal, co-developer.

The script allows the user to control several parameters like:
Number of keywords
Charge per keyword
Charge for various decoration options like font weight and color
Charge for suggested words
Texts at top and bottom
Logo at the top

The price of the script comes as a pleasant surprise. “We realized that the script owners may not be able to sell a large number of keywords when they create niche sites and therefore we kept the cost very reasonable, so that they can recover their investment in next to no time. A single site license sells for a meagre $97, fully recovered with sales of just 2 keywords” said Abhishek Rungta, co-owner of the project. “We are in the best position to provide quick support if needed at all, being a software development company”, he added.

“If you are wanting to make good money from your word sites, you should get in early and create niche sites focussed on a specific target market. Also keep the number of keywords per site low, not exceeding 100 definitely” signed-off Arun.

About WordSiteBuilder

This software script allows the creation of word cloud sites, the latest Internet advertising phenomenon, made popular by sites like and The software has been developed by Ebizindia and Indus Net Technologies in a joint venture. To learn more about the script, go to

Contact Information:

Arun Agrawal
Phone: +91.98310.27107

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