Another EuroMillions Rollover Makes the Next Estimated Jackpot £120 Million GBP

Nov. 16, 2006 – The EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot was not won again on Friday, so it’s rolled over. This Friday’s estimated jackpot is £120Million GBP, that’s about €179 Million Euros or $229 Million USD. Now anyone is the world can play, subject to age and resident country laws restrictions.

At users can join an online syndicate to enter the UK National Lottery and/or the EuroMillions Lottery. Not only does this give non UK and non EU nationals their first opportunity to enter these high paying lotteries, but the entries are mathematically calculated to increase the syndicates chance of winning by up to 3600%. Money Balls also offers members the chance to play for free and possibly make a profit.

At members can join a syndicate of 39 people, with 36 entries into the weekly EuroMillions draw, for £5GBP per week. This is open to any adult in the world, subject to their country’s laws. The entries are made up of 5 main numbers, which are the same on every entry, with all 36 possible combinations of the two star numbers, so members only have to match the main numbers, as star number matches are guaranteed. This increases their chances of winning by 3600%. Winning are split between the syndicate members, but with only 39 people in each syndicate, if a syndicate wins this week, all members of that syndicate will become Millionaires.

There’s no commitment so anyone (over 18) in the world can join this week, to increase their chances at this amazing tax-free jackpot, and then cancel next week.

There is also a UK Lotto syndicate, explained in full on

In addition to the two syndicates, offers an affiliate program, where members receive £1 per week, for each member they refer. This means that their subscription is free if they refer five people and they make a profit, if they refer more than five. As part of the affiliate scheme, affiliates are also paid 25p per week for everyone their referrals refer, and everyone they refer, down to the 7th level. This can add up to a substantial second income.

All visitors to have a free chance to win £1000GBP, without having to register or subscribe.

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