Antiquated Healing Methods Are Timeless Cures Compared To Modern Healing Failures

Dec. 3, 2006 – Flemington, MO-December 03, 2006-For nearly three quarters of a century in Western medical practices, and in other advanced cultures that adopt Western medical practices, a strong foothold has held hostage the sick and the diseased in its grips.

This practice is now being questioned quite routinely by many people. Should treating sickness and disease with chemicals that only ease or eliminate symptoms be the only popular option available? This method has taken front seat and center stage for far to long and has a miserable track record treating diseases.

“There’s only one problem with this way of thinking, you can suffer indefinitely in this strictly for profit system of health care. I have failed in it, and I have witnesses a loved one’s serious failure to chemical solutions. I don’t know if any of you are like me or not? When something fails over and over again, it should be taken as a sign you absolutely must do something different” states nutritional coach, Brenda Skidmore.

According to Skidmore, that something different is what led her to exploring the only other option that truly made sense. More and more individuals are choosing to ditch the advertising ‘hype’ pharmaceutical companies are promoting.

“I have experienced a very emotional personal relationship tragedy. It was that lesson, of a ‘status quo’ medical practice failure, that pushed and motivated me to learn more about diet, exercise, and other pushed-aside or outdated strategies,” says Skidmore.

“Slowly and methodically I learned to turn my own health issues around. There are so many different ways of achieving avid health that are much more cost efficient and simpler to implement than you think,” says Skidmore.

A comment made by physician Dr. Joseph Mercola, who has a very popular natural health website with nearly one million subscribers to his free weekly newsletter says, “The drug companies have controlled most all of the conventional media sources up until recently. They never factored in how the Internet could be an effective communication tool to the public to inform them about practical options to the expensive Band-Aids that they offer.”

Skidmore offers this statement in closing, “Really think about this, would you rather treat symptoms by covering them up or actually get to the root cause eliminating the issue all together? You actually do have a choice I can show you how.”

Brenda Skidmore is an alternative health care consumer advocate, and creator of a free weekly newsletter. Skidmore has written numerous articles relating to a wide variety of health care issues, and is the author of Disease And The Diet Connection/What Their Hoping You Won’t Find Out. This e-book is available for purchase and can be downloaded directly from the website at…

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