APT Announces Partnership with Tween Brands for Test & Learn® Management System

Applied Predictive Technologies (APT) today announced that Tween Brands, a leading apparel retailer which operates over 1,000 Justice stores, has licensed APT’s software, including its Test & Learn® for Sites, Test & Learn® for Customers, and Market Basket Analyzer applications. The leading retailer of girls fashion will leverage the software to analyze its store-, customer-, and transaction-level data to inform key business decisions spanning areas such as promotions, marketing, and merchandising. Tween Brands joins the many innovative apparel retailers, including Victoria’s Secret, Ann Inc., American Eagle, Express, Chico’s, and Lane Bryant, that employ APT software to measure the true ROI of their strategic initiatives and inform optimal rollout strategies for each program.
APT works with leading retailers and companies across industries to reduce the inherent risk of rolling out new programs. APT’s Test & Learn® software isolates the true impact of an initiative by first testing it in a subset of stores or with a subset of customers, to ensure its profitability before implementing the program more broadly. During its pilot engagement with APT, Tween Brands used the software to guide several high impact decisions.
Scott Bracale, President of Tween Brands Agency, commented, “APT has been invaluable throughout our evaluation of key initiatives. The software delivers highly informative insights that have helped us evaluate the ROI of high impact investments. We’ve also experimented with strategic adjustments to the depth and frequency of our promotions and APT has enabled us to measure the incremental impact of these changes. One such analysis helped us quantify an over 10% incremental gain in sales attributable to a prior marketing campaign.”
Bracale added, “With APT’s Test & Learn for Customers® we now have a systematic and robust approach to testing the impact of each of our numerous customer outreach initiatives and understanding which offers and messaging drive a profitable response. With the powerful analytic capability of APT, we can isolate the true effects of our investments amidst the noise of our own promotional and merchandising activities and external factors that affect customer behavior. We look forward to leveraging APT to optimize the impact of our campaigns and to further understand how our customers interact with our brands across channels.”
APT Senior Vice President Will Weidman remarked, “As retailers collect an increasing amount of transaction and customer data, leading companies like Tween are seeking effective ways to transform insight into action, and action into results. We are excited to enable the team at Tween to glean tangible and actionable knowledge from their data through in-market testing. I look forward to our continued partnership.”
About Tween Brands
Headquartered in New Albany, Ohio, Tween Brands is the largest premier tween specialty retailer in the world. Through our Justice brand, Tween Brands provides the hottest fashion merchandise and accessories for tween (age 7-14) girls.
Known as the destination for fashion-aware tweens, Justice proudly features outgoing sales associates who assist girls in expressing their individuality and self-confidence through fashion. Visually-driven catazines and direct mail pieces reach millions of tween girls annually, further positioning Tween Brands as a preeminent retailer in the tween marketplace.
Over 1,000 stores are located throughout the United States and Canada, as well as in Australia, Mexico, Central America, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, and the Middle East. Additionally, Tween Brands offers its fashions to tween girls and their parents through its e-commerce site, http://www.shopjustice.com.
In November 2009, Tween Brands became part of the Ascena Retail Group, Inc. family. For more information, please visit http://www.ascenaretail.com. With a focus on providing tween girls the absolute best experience possible, Tween Brands looks toward the future with a single brand, a single focus, and a mission: to celebrate tween girls through an extraordinary experience of fashion and fun in an everything-for-her destination.
About Applied Predictive Technologies (APT)
APT is a leading cloud-based analytics software company that enables organizations to rapidly and precisely measure cause-and-effect relationships between business initiatives and outcomes to generate economic value. Our intuitive and proprietary Test & Learn® software utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze large amounts of data, enabling business leaders to conduct experiments and allowing them to make optimal decisions and implement business initiatives at scale. We also offer products that support decision-making for specific business needs including transaction analysis, space planning, category management and location selection. APT’s client portfolio features some of the world’s best known brands, including Walmart, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, American Family, Hilton Hotels, SUBWAY, TD Bank, T-Mobile, and others. APT has offices in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, London, Bentonville, Taipei, Tokyo, and Sydney. Visit http://www.predictivetechnologies.com to learn more.