ARABELLA’S STORIES by Sue Huband is published

Dec. 18, 2006 – Arabella Twigg is a rather dull little girl who lives in a peculiar household. Her father, Stanley, thinks he’s an inventor, but no-one has ever seen any of his inventions. Her mother, Ivy, spends her time creating colourful, but totally inedible meals. Her horrid brother, Tom, enjoys being horrid and making stink bombs. Her much loved Gran lives in a little house that’s really the garage. Gran makes all her own clothes, but they are all a bit strange because she makes them out of any old bits and pieces she can find. But Gran adores Arabella and Arabella loves her Gran.

The girls in Arabella’s class laugh at her because she’s a bit old-fashioned and very quiet. She doesn’t have any friends, except Eloise. But even Eloise doesn’t believe her when she tells her about her adventures.

Each time they are studying one of the curriculum subjects, whether it’s The Egyptians, The Ancient Romans, The Gunpowder Plot, The Tudors or The Victorians, she finds herself transported back into those times. As well having adventures, she learns a great deal about the topic, but sometimes things get very scary indeed.

She can’t explain how this happens, or how she manages to return home. I wonder if you can find an explanation?

About the Author: Sue Huband spent many years teaching in the West Midlands and retired to rural Worcestershire. She lives with her husband, David, has two sons and a variety of other animals.

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Author: Sue Huband

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