ARAM’s New Web-Based Medical Care Gap Correction Product to Improve Quality & Reduce Healthcare Cost

Nov. 16, 2006 – ARAM Introduces Web Based Medical Care Gap Correction Product to Improve Quality and Reduce Healthcare Costs

Across the US over fifty percent patients under medical care do not get the care recommended by National Guidelines ( leaving ‘Gaps in Care’.

These ‘Gaps in medical care’ cause pain and suffering to the patient and increase expenses to the payer (individual, employer, health plan or government). In the short term they force the patient to visit the emergency room and lead to unplanned hospital admissions. In the long run they lead to complications like blindness, heart attack, stroke, amputations, kidney failure and delayed diagnosis of Cancers like those of skin, colon, breast, cervix and others.

ARAM addresses these gaps through a user friendly, web-based, health coach supported, interactive program that is written at a fourth to sixth grade level of understanding. Members answer questions about their health status and get a written ‘Report Card’ identifying the gaps in their individual’s medical care; possible consequences of not addressing those gaps and how to address those gaps. The patient also gets a to-do list (Action Card), again in writing, of actions need to be taken by the individual with the help of the provider (physician) to correct those gaps.

“Our goal is that in the next six months every member’s healthcare is optimized based on National Guidelines, so that they can enjoy a healthy and therefore happy long life. The payer gets better value for each dollar spent through optimal care and also achieves better HEDIS scores within the next 3 to 6 months”, said Dr Anup, CEO of ARAM Total Health Management.

In addition to the report card and the action card, ARAM provides multiple learning opportunities including access to ARAM library where one can learn over 500 medical topics in read, audio and video formats with the download time being less than 10 seconds even on the slow speed internet connection.

“Whereas most Disease Management programs ‘touch’ 3 to 6% of those with illnesses, our program can ‘touch’ everyone – both the sick and the healthy. Since ARAM provides both Disease Management and Wellness Management from the same platform, it becomes very easy for the patients to get a comprehensive evaluation of their total health status and that too in the privacy of their homes”, said K Lee, The President for the company.

ARAM’s clients range from individuals, self funded health plans, Managed Care Organizations and many others. In short anyone who either suffers or stand to suffer in future because of a medical illness or any one who has to pay for the health care expenses stand to benefit from using ARAM services.

ARAM Licenses all its product lines to MCOs including HMOs, PPOs, MSOs, IPAs. To them, ARAM also provides two very unique reports; Short Term Risk Stratification (STRS) and Long Term Risk Stratification (LTRS) through its interactive and real time and dynamic Predicting Modeling tool where those at higher risk of Emergency room visit (non accidental) or unplanned hospital admission in the near future are identified and these patients can be addressed on a priority basis by either ARAM’s or the health plan’s health coaches. This interactive, dynamic, real time, risk stratification from ARAM is unique in the industry and will help better resource utilization by the health plans through targeted, priority based interventions further reducing cost of care.

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ARAM Total Health Management is a New Jersey based company that provides traditional telephonic Disease Management, Web based Wellness and Disease Management and Women Care to health plans, self-funded employers and individuals. Located in West Long Branch the company started operation in January 2004. K Lee is the President and DrAnup CEO.

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