Army General Claims Bush Family and Saddam Hussein Made Millions Together In Secret Texaco Oil Deals

Dec. 17, 2006 – Today, Paul Jacobsen the spokesman for Americans For Truth And Integrity in Government announced that the allegations made by retired U.S. Army General Russell Bowen may very well be true. Specifically, in his book “IMMACULATE DECEPTION”, Bowen claims that the Bush family may have been long-time business partners with Saddam Hussein and his sons through secret oils worth over a billion dollars that were coordinated and transacted through the now-defunct Texaco.

Unfortunately, when Congressman Henry Gonzalez of Texas (D) went to launch a Congressional investigation into the matter, then CIA Director George H. Bush arranged for the U.S. Supreme Court to seal the bankruptcy records of Texaco, making it the first bankruptcy case in U.S. history to be sealed for ostensible “National Security” considerations. By sealing these records, Bowen claims the documentary evidence of these covert oil deals were removed from public and Congressional scrutiny.

For years the Bush family held major interests in various oil companies including Pennzoil but their greatest wealth may have originated through their dealings with Hussein, and many now believe these dealings may have expedited the two U.S. attempts to remove Hussein from power over the last decade for fear that he may actually disclose the details of their business deals. Former Texaco executives are not willing to talk, but none of them deny Bowen’s claims.

Therefore we call upon the world media to publicly interview Saddam Hussein about Bowen’s claims before he is put to death. “The zeal of the U.S. administration to track down and kill Hussein’s two sons with no effort made to take them alive, makes us even more suspicious” said Jacobsen.

General Bowen served the U.S. Army with distinction for more than 20 years before retiring as one of the most highly-decorated and respected veterans. Those who served under him claim “he is not capable of fabrication”. “Bowen served as the Army’s attached to CIA Director George H. Bush and would have been privy to the information disclosedin his book” according to a Pentagon source that wants to remain unnamed.
Bowen’s book has been described as “shocking, explosive, and sickening” by those who read it.

Americans for Truth and Integrity in Government call upon every member of the House and Senate to read Bowen’s book, and unsela the Texaco records so the American public can leran the truth about why so many Americans had to die in Iraq.

— End —