Artist Management Industry To Sing A Different Tune

Dec. 7, 2006 – For Immediate Release

City Lights Entertainment, a Canadian musician management company has taken a new look at artist management that already has the industry talking. Operating since 1998 and responsible for obtaining record deal signings, management signings, producer deals with platinum award winning producers and more for artists, City Lights Entertainment is offering a new concept in artist management.

After seeing management contracts for up to twenty (20) percent of everything an artist will gross through out their career, president/CEO of City Lights Entertainment Michael Wood thought there had to be a better, more fair way for artist. Being a musician himself, Mr. Wood and City Lights Entertainment have put together “prepaid management”. Understanding that most musicians find money tight, City Lights Entertainment is definitely affordable for any budget and could save artists tens of thousand of dollars down the road. “Some artists even get stuck paying two management companies after one deal is terminated because they have not put in a sunset clause into their contract. This also ensures that every artist gets the exact amount of attention and are not surprised when they get a huge bill for their manager for the cost of phone calls, photocopying and more.”

Perfect for the “Do It Yourself” musician, City Lights Entertainment offers standard management, a film and television licensing expert and an opportunity to receive management from gold and platinum award winning producers, something not many artist will have the opportunity to do in their career.

This concept has already sparked a debate on the industry website For more information please contact City Lights Entertainment directly at 613.265.9967.


— End —