Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to appear on subsequent “NUMB3RS” airing

Dec. 13, 2006 – Santa Monica, CA (BonoVox PR) December 13, 2006 – Man on the moon Buzz Aldrin will make a special appearance on this week’s “NUMB3RS” episode. The CBS show highlights the convergence of mathematics and police work and is inspired by actual crime cases that are solved by using mathematical theories.

Dr. Aldrin’s cameo appearance on the show coincides with the launch of the new website for his ShareSpace Foundation, an organization that aims to educate individuals about space travel and advance opportunities for private citizens to explore space. ShareSpace Foundation also aspires to entice students to learn more about possible professions related to science and astronomy studies. While the “NUMB3RS” program illustrates how a career can be formed on the basis of mathematics, Dr. Aldrin’s appearance will further emphasize the real life possibilities that studies in the field of science offer.

Dr. Aldrin has been a longtime supporter of public space tourism and realized long before most that we must begin to actively explore this next and final frontier. With recent mounting discussion of future hotels on the moon and the increase of private citizens flying into space, Dr. Aldrin was clearly ahead of his time.

In an effort to communicate all of the information and experiences that Dr. Aldrin has been storing up for decades and to inform the public that they too should be involved in this race to space, Dr. Aldrin’s team took the necessary steps to disseminate these resources in the best way possible.

The first step was to commission Warbasse Design to create the forthcoming ShareSpace Foundation website as a clearinghouse of resources. Philip Warbasse, internet designer, developer and CEO of Warbasse Design, will craft the website to feature captivating interactive and educational tools so that people can experience space firsthand and learn about the future possibilities of affordable voyages into space. This imaginative foray into space will have parents, students and teachers excited about the entertaining learning possibilities on ShareSpace and will reinforce Dr. Aldrin’s vision to “share” space equally among everyone.

Dr. Aldrin is determined to inform people all over the world that space is not only the next frontier, but it is their frontier. He hopes his appearance on “NUMB3RS” will direct people to learn more about space and space travel on ShareSpace Foundation’s new website. Step by step, Dr. Aldrin will continue to broaden awareness around the world to highlight that the students of today are instrumental in the space trips of tomorrow.

Watch for Buzz Aldrin on “NUMB3RS” on December 15. For more information about the “NUMB3RS” series, visit: For more information about Dr. Aldrin’s ShareSpare Foundation, visit:

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