Athletes Turn To New Technology That Produces All The Benefits Of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Nov. 28, 2006 – Carl Lanore, host of the popular Super Human Radio show, the worlds first broadcast radio show dedicated to human performance, hardcore strength, fitness and nutrition, has uncovered a safe and legal performance enhancer that may give all the same benefits as illegal drugs.

On a recent episode of the radio show Lanore interviewed both Paul Becker of Earth Pulse Technologies and Nate Morrison, Editor-In-Chief of Military Fitness Magazine. A technology that Becker has been working on for many years designed to aid in deeper sleep may actually be a better performance enhancer than many drug alternatives.

“Based upon a 3 year watershed study performed by NASA, it appears that this technology could be considered an anabolic agent” said Lanore. “It appears to work on several levels” Becker stated, “It has also been shown to increase tissue and blood oxygen saturation levels in the same way as EPO, a drug used by endurance athletes as an ergogenic aid.”

Morrison, a Sergeant with the elite Para-Rescue division of the Air Force, gave his own personal experience with this technology stating that it increased his energy output as well as his mental clarity and focus. “For a guy like me that has to make a lot of split second decisions, whether your in the middle of a free fall or taking a long shot, it makes all the difference” stated Morrison.

This hockey-puck shaped device, when placed beneath the mattress of the user, emits timed pulses of electromagnetic energy specifically shown to stimulate the increase in hormonal growth factors in the body.

“I have lots of professional and Olympic level athletes using this device currently with great success” Becker offered, “it’s probably the single best stealth performance enhancer available today.”

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