Australian Life Coaching Society links up with international Coaching Federation

Dec. 11, 2006 – The Australian Life Coaching Society (ALCS) is an organization consisting of close to a hundred coach-members across Australia. The key objective and sole vision of the ALCS is to provide pro-bono coaching and related services to under-resourced individuals and organizations. The ALCS acts as a bridging agent between those in need (who are unable to afford professional coaching fees) and those who want to contribute their services.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the professional association of personal and business coaches that seeks to preserve the integrity of coaching around the globe. ICF actively supports and fosters development of the coaching profession. ICF is the largest non-profit professional association worldwide of personal and business coaches. ICF Australasia (ICFA) currently represents more than 800 members throughout Australia and New Zealand.

ICFA recently has agreed to promote becoming a member of ALCS amongst their own membership. The benefits of taking on membership with ALCS, other than the obvious personal satisfaction that comes with altruistic work, is gaining coaching skills with a wider range of clients and getting more exposure and credibility. It is, therefore, well worth pursuing.

“This is really exciting!”, John-James Angheli, President of ALCS states. “It is good to see that our core purpose, providing coaching to the under-resourced, is recognized by organizations like ICFA. To me it means we are on the right track, and are really providing a solution for a need that exists in society. I look forward to partnering up with more coaching schools and organizations, as these alliances will help ALCS attract even more professional coaches to our membership and mean we can have an even broader reach and greater impact on the lives of under-resourced Australians.”

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