AuthEntry Announces Convenient and Secure Passwordless Identity Access and Authentication Solution

New GateKeeperPro solution enhances users experience, security and productivity lessening the burden of having to use, remember and manage antiquated usernames and passwords for good.

Boston, MA, April 24, 2015 –(– AuthEntry has announced the launch of GateKeeperPro™, the company’s new cloud or on premise passwordless two-factor authentication solution. GateKeeperPro is designed to eliminate the need for using, remembering or managing usernames and passwords, and instead log into website accounts, business applications or IP related systems and hardware with a single 6-digit PassCode sent directly to a users mobile device. Via their patent pending technology users simply click on the account they want to access and are sent a randomized one time passcode to their registered mobile device to type in over a secure, encrypted private HTTPS session, not a third party cellular text like most other offerings in the market.

Consumers, Enterprises and Online service providers have eagerly adopted GateKeeperPro because it enhances the user experience, dramatically improves the security of online transactions and boosts productivity.

GateKeeperPro is extremely cost effective, saves time and money and is easy to enable on any website, online service or enterprise application or hardware requiring login credentials. No upfront capital investment is needed to enable GateKeeperPro. Enterprises can choose from a SaaS (pay as you go) model or a traditional perpetual license if desired.

The concept is simple. A User simply downloads the GateKeeperPro app from the iTunes, Google Play, or the Windows Store. A simple registration process pairs the user to the device that the app is installed on. The user can then use it to authenticate to any account or application using a single 6-digit PassCode. GateKeeperPro can also be deployed in the enterprise via Active directory for simple onboarding and decommissioning of users and accounts.

AuthEntry’s GateKeeperPro product was designed specifically to address the common issues of username and password related security breaches and stolen credentials. User convenience and simplicity were also key in the development process. Designed to be easier for users than the ubiquitous username-password combinations in use today, users no longer have to remember or even use them.

AuthEntryChief Executive, AG Hebert, stated, “The cost savings and productivity gains our customers are seeing far surpasses the investment. On average, our customers see an 89% savings equal to $79,000 year over year for a 100 person company.”

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