Author Cancels Book Tour to Care for Cancer Victims

Dec. 8, 2006 – “I can’t travel and see the people who need me at the same time,” Gangi says.

She was scheduled for Buffalo and other points in New York through Christmas with a planned return to the South for the New Year.

“She made a choice from her heart and not her wallet,” says her publicist, Elsa Claverie. “The New York portion of the tour included key stops at several book stores and groups that would have increased sales, but Rayna always comes from the heart when it comes to people in trouble.”

When asked whether she would continue the tour at a later date, Gangi was upbeat and confident. “We’ll get the cancer under control,” she says. “I don’t even believe in cancer, at least not the way western medicine does. Once these people are on track and in remission, we’ll get back on the road to spread the word about alternative and holistic health.”

One woman who has benefited from Gangi’s cancer protocol, is now giving testimonials at various local groups and churches. “They gave her seventy-two hours to live,” says Claverie. “She came to see Rayna in October and she’ll be spending Christmas with her two small children.”

“The tour can wait,” Gangi added. “The book is doing fine. Right now it’s imperative to help people who are scared and confused.”

Ms. Gangi will announce a new schedule in mid-January and plans on visiting major cities and alternative health schools to speak about alternative health solutions to cancer and other imbalances.

— End —