Author Rolls Out Website for Publishing Spiritual Thought for the Day

Houston, TX, May 06, 2015 –(– Lynn Parker rolls out, a website where she will publish spiritual thought for the day and other inspirational pieces and her poetry.

Parker aims to provide a unique spiritual experience to readers through the website. She actually never thought she would delve in this kind of expression, describing herself as a “closet writer.” In the website’s About page, she points out that she believes this as a “testimony to the irony of God’s ‘wiring’.”

Parker says that if not for an “odd inner prompting,” she didn’t view herself to be obedient to what she senses God was laying on her heart. She further states that writing is antithetical to the identity she has developed in her life. Being a golfer by profession, she has spent her life pursuing perfection, which typifies the sport, both as a player and a teacher. She says that her change in focus in middle age does seem ridiculous and describes her new endeavor as simply “obedience.”

With this in mind, Parker launches her website to carry out the said endeavor. She uses golf analogies for her Christian writing. The site’s homepage presents inspirational quotes for golf that can also be applied to life in general. Relaxing music greets the site visitors on the homepage—which also includes a slideshow of blog posts—as well as many other pages of the site.

On another section of the site that is labeled “Poetry & Inspiration,” visitors can find inspirational Christian poems and articles written by Lynn Parker. On the other hand, the “Fairway Blog” contains Lynn Parker’s heart-warming stories of people she knows and other experiences. Aside from the website, Parker plans to publish a book titled Breath for a Disintegrating Soul, with a tentative release in the summer of 2015.

To view the site and learn more about Lynn’s objectives in sharing her writings, please visit

About Fairway Ministries
Lynn Parker means Fairway Ministries to be an online resource for people seeking daily spiritual enlightenment and inspiration. The site will be used to provide poems, stories, and thoughts of a Christian nature. Through this, the author hopes to share soulful inspiration to the readers.
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