Fettle Botanical Announces Launch Offering High Quality Supplements with a Portion of Proceeds Going to Help Charity

Finding quality supplements from a company that gives back to the people who need it most just became much easier. Fettle Botanical recently announced their launch providing just this kind of superior health product shopping experience.

Wilkes-Barre, PA, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– There’s few things as valuable as a person’s health. This makes finding resources for products that can greatly help in this area a very high priority for many people. Stepping up to answer that call is the new brand Fettle Botanical, who recently announced their launch offering a premium quality, Made in the USA, Turmeric Curcumin supplement. Shoppers have responded with enthusiasm.

“We are very passionate about what our company and what our first release, Turmeric Curcumin, can offer the people who shop with us,” commented a spokesperson from Fettle Botanical. “We’re doing our best to exceed expectations and set new standards. A big part of this is by giving our customers a chance to help themselves and at the same time help others.”

Fettle Botanical has stated that 10% of their profits are being donated to help St. Jude’s Research, well known as a leading children’s hospital pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

According to the company, their Turmeric Curcumin delivers many potential benefits to users, especially when it comes to fighting pain and reducing inflammation. It is also a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier. The product is 100% natural, manufactured in the USA and is free from artificial flavoring, colors and fillers.

Early feedback for Fettle Botanical Turmeric Curcumin has been very positive.

Gina J., from Texas, recently said, “I have had a bad knee for years and nothing has given me much relief. After a month of taking Fettle Botanical’s Turmeric I feel much, much better. I’m even back in the gym training legs which is a real breakthrough. Five stars.”

For more information be sure to visit http://www.fettlebotanical.com
Contact Information
Fettle Botanical
Justin Karpinski
570 417 8172

Young Entrepreneur Trying to Fund His Startup by Trading Up Items

This 26 year old built a website where people can advise and follow him on his journey to trade up to one million dollars, in order to fund his startup.

Antwerp, Belgium, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– The idea originates from sweet childhood memories. He and some friends would go out on a trade journey, where you start off with an apple, and go from door to door around the neighbourhood to trade it for something better, usually candy. Since candy doesn’t cut it anymore in the grown-up world, he figured he should expand his neighbourhood to the world, and see where he ends up.

“Intrigued by the idea of trading, going back to our roots and reintroducing trading could be a nice change of things, in a world where everything revolves around money,” said Ben Van Beek, founder of www.milliondollar.trade. The goal is to fund his startup to build a platform where setting up a trade is very easy and fun in the process. Whether it’s for one simple trade or for a trade journey, going from place to place, trading items and meeting new people, that’s what the platform aims to achieve.

“I’m trading up, starting from one dollar to one million dollars to see whether it’s even possible, and to discover just how powerful trading can be. It’s a kind of research for how trading can be used, and to see if enough people are interested in the idea of trading,” said Ben. He also explains how he came up with the logo of his website, and the starting trade item. “To keep it light, I’ve referenced Dr. Evil’s ‘One Million Dollars’ quote (with the pinky). So what better item than my Austin Powers DVD, to start off my journey.”
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Ben Van Beek
+32 474 89 79 51

Kolkata Foodies Launches New Website for All Local Foodies in Kolkata

Kolkata, India, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– Kolkata Foodies (kolkatafoodies.com) has launched its new blog, named “Kolkata Foodies Blog” dedicated to the local community of foodies and beverage enthusiasts in Kolkata and rest of West Bengal.

The new blog (kolkatafoodies.org) will try to become the most comprehensive restaurant and dining blog, drawing together the latest restaurant news, food events and food festival news, professional reviews and new restaurant openings in Kolkata.

It will also support the local foodie and restaurant scene by connecting and promoting food bloggers, foodies, food photographers and restaurant business owners.

Founder, Aloke Majumder says, “I am delighted to announce the launch of the new blog at kolkatafoodies.org. I believe that we would be able to create an local foodie ecosystem and contribute to the existing local foodie culture of Kolkata. This is the first and only initiative from the Kolkata, completely made in Kolkata by local foodies.”

Kolkata Foodies, established on November 2011, is a community driven review guide enabling consumers to find restaurants in Kolkata. It is a group, formed by local foodies, dedicated to helping people find the best food and dining experiences at restaurants not only in Kolkata but also in various Bengali restaurants in other cities in India.

Anindya S Basu, Co-Founder says, “The launch of our blog marks a new and exciting phase for Kolkata Foodies as it provide us with a platform to engage not only the foodies but also the bloggers and enables us to contribute back to the community.”

The objective of Kolkata Foodies Blog is to create a personalised experience & information on restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs and other food joints in Kolkata. It will become the exclusive source for people who care about dining and drinking in Kolkata. A favorite of industry pros and amateurs alike, Kolkata Foodies has an uncanny knack for finding out what new restaurant opening where in Kolkata, who’s serving what, and how it’s all going down in Kolkata.

Kolkata foodies Blog comprises one of the most authoritative and respected teams across food media in Kolkata today. The Kolkata Foodies contributors makes news and breaks news daily with expert reporting on the latest restaurant openings and current dining trends in the city of Kolkata.

Boasting an obsessive, wildly growing audience of trendsetters, Kolkata Foodies is one of the top source for connecting premium brands to ready-to-spend consumers with insatiable appetites for both food and the finer things life has to offer.
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Kolkata Foodies
Sumit Datta

The Future Leaders of Our Country Will Either Grow Up Broken or Become Extraordinary

Chattanooga, TN, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– Jeff Pennypacker, founder of Underdog Ministries will appear on NITE LINE: WGGS TV 16 in Greenville SC, Monday July 27th to discuss his new book, Broken Boys-Extraordinary Men, Mentoring Moms Through the 7 Obstacles Stealing Manhood from Their Boys.

A large portion of our future leaders are coming from single parent homes, mostly single mothers. Jeff’s book shares insights to help moms raising boys, overcome the obstacles associated with fatherlessness in order to build boys into extraordinary men, instead of a drain on our society.

Jeff’s message is changing the lives of moms who are raising the next generation of our country’s leaders.

“’Broken Boys, Extraordinary Men’ is the book I have searched for and needed since my son was born 7 1/2 years ago! Knowing life is different without Dad around is part of the battle, understanding ‘why’ is a completely different dynamic this book so clearly communicates. I feel I have unlocked a door to the secret parts of my son’s heart and am more equipped to be the Mom he needs. Thank you, Jeff!”
-Heather McMeans
Single mom to one awesome boy

For additional information or a sample copy of Broken Boys – Extraordinary Men, Contact:
Jeff Pennypacker

Broken Boys – Extraordinary Men is a mom’s guide to raising boys but not from a parents perspective, it’s straight from the mind of a fatherless boy himself.

Underdog Ministries was founded to help mentors make an impact by developing resources for those in the trenches of mentoring such as moms, pastors, churches, and next door neighbors.
Contact Information
Underdog Ministries
Jeff Pennypacker

Gary Lee Jeffries Band to Kick the Famed Monticello Main St. Tour Into High Gear on July 31

Former Virgin Records recording artist returns to his hometown of Monticello, IN that he calls the “backbone of America” to throw a party of epic proportion with his band of brothers, down on Main Street, in true grit, Southern rock style.

New Haven, CT, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– Gary Lee Jeffries, known for his down-to-earth honesty, emblazoned in his songs of true American grit with Southern rock and Cajun flavor, is six-time headliner at the annual Main Street Tour, held in downtown Monticello, IN. Fueled by passion and pride for his hometown, he and his outlaw band of brothers are ready “to throw another party of epic proportion down on Main Street.” “There is no one finer than Gary Lee Jeffries. This man puts his heart and soul into his music and is all about pleasing the crowd,” affirms Ingrid Landis, Monticello Business Alliance.

Jeffries’ band-of-outlaws will feature Bloomington, Indiana son, Duane Connaughton on bass, and Ohio sons, Chris Lester on lead guitar and Randy Trent on drums. Jeffries boasts his band will deliver a “tighter sound” as well as premier original songs that are sure to “smoke and raise the spirit of this American backbone community to its dancin’ feet. If Monticello likes them, I believe the rest of the world will too,” says Jeffries.

Jeffries is best known for his hard-hitting vocals with former bands, Asphalt Ballet (Virgin Records) and Alligator Stew and their award-winning music videos, “Soul Survive” (MTV & Headbangers’ Ball) and “Blood Money” (CMT, GAC-TV), along with songs featured in TV (HBO’s “True Blood” and “Weeds,”; Hallmark’s “A Time to Remember”) and feature film (K.C. Amos’, “Mercy for Angels”; Charlie Sheen’s, “Beyond the Law”). He is reputed as a “… singer of the first rank,” by Luc Brunot, writer for French rock magazine, Bands of Dixie that won Jeffries Best Artist, Album (Middle Class Man) and Vocalist of 2011 (Reader’s Poll, http://www.garyleejeffries.com/news-5.htm), outranking the likes of the Tedeschi Trucks Band, Warren Haynes and the Allman Brothers.

Also performing at this year’s event and back by popular demand are The Brass Doorknobs and the Pink Floyd tribute band, Forever Floyd that “wowed us last year” says Monticello resident, Jeannette Widner. The popular Kentucky band OTIS heads up from the South to join the party and add to the mix their Southern rock, heavy blues delight.

Join the downtown blockbuster party on Main Street Monticello from 5:00 p.m.-12:30 a.m. that is free for all ages. Come hungry to enjoy the taste of White County’s mouthwatering foods, prepared by Monticello’s favorite restaurant chefs. Go hog wild at the Kerstings Bike Show. Make sure to arrive early with fold out chairs so that you can sit and enjoy the evening event.

For more information please contact the Monticello Main Street Tour event promoter, Ingrid Landis, at (574) 583-3668(574) 583-3668.
Contact Information
SoundSource Promotions
N. Shemrah Fallon
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Monticello Main Street Tour 2015
Event poster
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South Hills Assembly to Host a Hard Drive Shredding and Computer Recycling Event

South Hills Assembly to Host a Hard Drive Shredding and Electronics Waste Recycling Event on Saturday, August 1, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Pittsburgh, PA, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– The dog days of summer are upon us. Do something really “cool” in all this heat by helping the environment. South Hills Assembly is proud to host a hard drive shredding and electronics waste recycling event on Saturday, August 1, 2015 on their premises located at 2725 Bethel Church Road in Bethel Park, PA. Area residents are encouraged to bring their obsolete and unwanted electronics to the church from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Vehicle unloading assistance will be provided to all visitors.

This recycling event is intended for items typically purchased throughout the year including computer equipment, cellphones, small appliances, cameras, calculators, typewriters, fax machines, keyboards, computer peripherals, and more.

On site hard drive shredding will be performed by CyberCrunch at a cost of $10 per hard drive. CyberCrunch personnel will be onsite to help remove hard drives from computers. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the church.

For security purposes, all data collected will be destroyed. This convenient recycling program is provided by South Hills Assembly and all items collected will be responsibly recycled by Commonwealth Computer Recycling, a Pennsylvania compliant, R2 certified universal waste and recycling firm.

For a full list of acceptable items please visit their web site events page at http://www.ccrcyber.com/events/.

Can’t make it to the event? They offer nationwide hard drive shredding through their CyberCrunch mail back program. For more information visit www.cybercurnchrecycling.com.

About Commonwealth Computer Recycling

Socially responsible, environmentally sustainable practices, and top of the line service: That’s what you get with Commonwealth Computer Recycling, the mid-Atlantic region’s leading e-waste and data destruction service provider.

Our team’s background in the IT industry gives us the ability to quickly and efficiently recycle your electronics, which means less stress for you and more help for the environment. We know the latest technologies and regulations surrounding data destruction and electronics recycling, so you can rest assured that when you give us your e-waste it’s going into a safe set of hands.

We have two locations in Pennsylvania: Greensburg, just outside Pittsburgh, and Aston, just south of Philadelphia. These allow us to service you whether you’re in Trenton or Cleveland.
Contact Information
Commonwealth Computer Recycling LLC
Joe Connors
(866) 925-2354
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South Hills Assembly Computer Recycling Event
Join Commonwealth Computer Recycling for a day of fundraising, recycling and hard drive shredding.
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Freedom Fairs Sets Up Community Festival and Amusement Carnival on Long Island

Freedom Fairs is kicking off its inaugural community festival and amusement carnival at the Westfield Sunrise mall on Long Island this week. The fair includes amusement rides, carnival games, magicians and performers, live bands, food and craft vendors. Admission is free and the organization is giving out free ride tickets to young people who sign a voluntary community drug free pledge. The community-themed event includes an award ceremony for members of the community that have aided this cause.

Freedom Fairs Sets Up Community Festival and Amusement Carnival on Long Island Massapequa, NY, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– The organizing committee of Freedom Fairs has put together a community themed Fair slated to take place at the Westfield Sunrise Mall in Massapequa July 30-Aug 2. The Fair is put together in conjunction with the Long Island Teen Challenge International (LITCI), Tutor Central Inc., Eminent Events LLC, and key members of Community Outreach at the Commissioner of Police office.

The Fair will feature over 20 different types of amusement rides, carnival games, food and craft vendors, family-themed magicians and illusionists, jugglers, contortionists and balloon artists, :and live music and bands. The plan is to have something for all ages, particularly focused on families in the community. Besides this, the fair is geared towards two goals.

Firstly, increasing awareness among young people of that pivotal first encounter where many have innocently made their first contact with some of the drugs that are devastating Long Island neighborhoods, and how to recognize and remove themselves early from such situations. Freedom Fairs has a pledge that helps bring this to focus and is providing free ride tickets to young Long Islanders between the ages of 14 to 24 who sign this voluntary, self-enforced pledge.

The pledge is available at http://www.freedomfairs.com/drugfreepledge.

Freedom Fairs is working with several Long Island drug prevention organizations on getting young members of the community to access this pledge. Hundreds of young Long Islanders have already signed the pledge, and received free ride tickets to the event.

Secondly, Freedom Fairs is working with the Community Outreach office of the Commissioner of Police. Their stated aim of this initiative is to help improve relations with the police and provide information to the public about the purpose of the community outreach office and how to contact them. To this end, there is a 30 minute award ceremony at 8pm, August 1st where several dignitaries have been invited. Two members of the community selected for the Freedom Fair Community award are Steve Labriola and John Capice. Steve is a former New York state assembly man and has been recognized for his work in the community including awards on child abuse prevention and is a Hall of Fame inductee of the Massapequa high school. John is a retired Nassau County Police chief and has been recognized for his work while at the Narcotics/Vice Squad which helped to reduce the amount of illegal drugs available in the community. It is expected that several members of the community that helped put together the event will also be acknowledged, including Angel Rios, assistant to the Commissioner of police in Nassau County.

The fair is expected to receive hundreds to thousands of visitors during its five day duration. Admission is free, enjoying the band and live music is free. So is parking. Food and craft will be available for sale by the various vendors, and rides can purchased through tokens available at the fair or the event website. Bands that have been confirmed include Randy Jackson formerly of Zebra, River of Dream – a Billy Joel cover band, Guilty Pleasures – an 80s cover band, School of Rock of Farmingdale, MKZ, Them Bones, The Fearless, Acme Dynamite, and TecNickeL.
Contact Information
Tutor Central Inc.
Ken Alpha

Leader in Aerial and Scissor Lift Certification Announces New Website Technology

Phoenix, AZ, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– CertifyMeOnline recently announced strong growth indicators for the first two quarters of 2015, with website enhancements as a primary driving factor behind CMO’s surge.

CertifyMeOnline provides comprehensive, affordable training courses for aerial lift and scissor lift workers, along with other heavy equipment operators.

President and CEO Tom Wilkerson said the company’s growth is reflected with increased member signups and new customer accounts. “We made a determined effort to give our customers the best aerial lift and scissor lift training experience possible,” Mr. Wilkerson said. “This has paid off, both for us and our expanding client base. We’re always happy to meet & exceed customer expectations, and the increased activity – site visits are up 16% in the past 3 months – illustrates how much our hard behind-the-scenes work has paid off.”

The company website, CertifyMeOnline.net, includes an enhanced user interface, mobile-compatible design, a streamlined company access portal, easy-to-use Student and Employer login areas, and much more.

A significant upgrade is CMO’s mobile and tablet-friendly website design. “With so many supervisors, managers and employees on the go, it made sense to allow easier access to certification papers, training records and other crucial documentation,” said Mr. Wilkerson. “Because of our improved mobile compatibility, CertifyMeOnline has enjoyed a spike in new memberships since January of this year.”

And while the first half of 2015 has witnessed new milestones for CertifyMeOnline, Mr. Wilkerson doesn’t expect the company to rest on its laurels. “The aerial lift and scissor lift industries rarely stay put,” Mr. Wilkerson said, “And neither will CMO. Regular OSHA updates and a dynamic business environment will keep CMO poised for new developments for the remainder of 2015 and beyond.”

About CertifyMeOnline:
CertifyMeOnline provides OSHA-approved training for aerial lift, scissor lift and aerial work platform (AWP) operators. In addition to their popular instruction modules, CMO also offers fall protection training, convenient 3-year renewal and much more. As part of the CertifyMe family of industrial equipment training programs (CertifyMe.net, AerialLiftCertification.com and ForkLiftCertification.com), CertifyMeOnline is a preferred training supplier for many small, medium-sized and large businesses all across the United States. With quality training, schedule-friendly coursework and affordable rates, CMO can help your company obtain OSHA-compliant certification today. For more information about CertifyMeOnline, visit the company’s website, call (888) 699-4800 or (602) 277-0615.
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Certify Me Online
Tom Wilkerson

The MCS Group, Inc. Opens New Office in Boston

The MCS Group, Inc., a national provider of outsourcing solutions, announced today that they have opened a new regional office in Boston, MA. This office will offer the full suite of MCS’s services, including but not limited to record retrieval, deposition, e-discovery, facilities management and back office solutions to help clients increase productivity while reducing operational costs.

The MCS Group, Inc. Opens New Office in Boston Philadelphia, PA, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– The MCS Group, Inc., a national provider of outsourcing solutions, announced today that they have opened a new office in Boston, MA to better serve their clients located in the United States’ Northeast Region.

The office, headed by Executive Vice President and Northeast Regional Manager Gerri Finnegan, will offer the full suite of MCS’s services, including record retrieval, process service, e-Discovery and facilities management.

“This is an exciting time for MCS,” said Rosemary Esposito, CEO of The MCS Group, Inc. “As we expand our MCS team in Boston with a staff that is energized and committed to excellence, I look forward to being able to support the entire Northeast Corridor in a more effective and efficient manner.”

MCS is thrilled to continue growing throughout the country. Esposito believes that this expansion solidifies the company’s commitment to the entire legal community.

About The MCS Group, Inc.

The MCS Group, Inc., a certified Women’s Business Enterprise, is a nationally-recognized provider of outsourcing services. For more than 35 years, the company has served law firms, insurance companies, corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions with cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive breadth of services including records retrieval, deposition, e-discovery, facilities management and back office solutions to help increase productivity while reducing operational costs. For more information about The MCS Group, please visit www.themcsgroup.com.
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The MCS Group, Inc.
Alyson Gabel
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The MCS Group, Inc. Opens New Office in Boston
The MCS Group, Inc., a national provider of outsourcing solutions, announced that they have opened a new office in Boson. This office will offer the full suite of MCS’s services, including but not limited to record retrieval, deposition, e-discovery, facilities management and back office solutions.
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Forklift Training Site Announces New Website Technology

Phoenix, AZ, July 27, 2015 –(PR.com)– The most trusted online resource for forklift certification, ForkliftCertification.com, has been making a huge impact in the training and certification of forklift users across many industries. Owner Tom Wilkerson shares an exciting news for his company: “Our programs have proven to be cost-effective and extremely useful to forklift operators everywhere. Our member sign-ups have increased significantly in the past few months, and we anticipate even more growth throughout the remainder of 2015.”

The numbers don’t lie – ForkliftCertification.com is clearly one of the best options for forklift certification, and the company is increasing their value even more with new technology. “We know the online world is taking over more than ever before, and we’re prepared to stay ahead of our competitors. Not only are we one of the few online forklift certification programs available, but we’ve also just launched a new fully responsive website,” says owner Tom Wilkerson. “We want our customers to be able to access our site from anywhere and still have the ease of use and simple navigation that our full site offers. We know that of all our monthly visitors to our site, twenty five percent of them are coming to us on a mobile device, and we want their user experience to be just as pleasant no matter how they find us.”

The fully responsive design that Tom mentioned involves the website adapting to any device, whether it’s a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Responsive website design is becoming increasingly popular and important these days, as the number of people who access the web primarily on mobile devices is quickly rising. It makes sense that FLC has continued to improve their user experience as their company continues to grow. Those two things, in fact, go hand in hand.

ForkliftCertification.com truly continues to stand out among its competition, even aside from their substantial member growth and new technological advances. The company is one of the few of its kind that offers online forklift certification. Their forklift training program comes with seven specialized curriculums, step-by-step guides for both trainers and trainees, easy-to-use printable templates, a trainer orientation DVD (so you can train an employee to conduct sessions and train other employees), and operator “safety first” information.

About ForkliftCertification.com: Founded in 1999, ForkliftCertification.com was created to be the #1 provider of workplace training programs. The company was started by professional rigger Tom Wilkerson, with the goal of providing simplified, efficient and cost-effective training programs for businesses. Forkliftcertification.com programs have each been uniquely designed to offer comprehensive training by experienced, seasoned operators in the existing workplace, thereby creating a safer environment while avoiding unnecessary off-site training expenses and overtime fees. Since its inception, thousands of companies throughout the nation have utilized programs by ForkliftCertification.com, including many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. For more information about the forklift trainer certification and operator training program, visit http://www.ForkliftCertification.com.
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Tom Wilkerson