Auto Insurance Quotes That Include Towing and Labor Coverage Added to National Insurer Database Online

Auto owners who are involved in a road accident where a vehicle cannot be moved normally usually have to pay extra for a tow company. The Quotes Pros company is now helping adults find auto insurance quotes that include labor and towing coverage through its revised database at
The agencies that a person can review through entry of the Quotes Pros database offer multiple coverage plans. Because many state minimum coverage plans do not include tow coverage, someone with a regular liability policy could find a better quote for coverage while using the modified agency search system now offered.
“The extra expenses for towing and labor that are covered in many provider plans could save someone money after an accident on a city or state roadway,” one source said.
The car insurance quotes that companies are now supplying that include tow coverage in the Quotes Pros database are accurately prepared for consumers. Upon submission of a zip code, a provider in the system can produce a good faith estimate of what a selected policy will cost for a monthly or annual plan of coverage.
“Some companies provide rental car, towing and mechanic labor coverage as part of a vehicle insurance policy, and these types of companies are included for research in our system,” the source included.
The Quotes Pros company has started to feature more non-vehicle coverage insurers that consumers can now review during use of the search platform. A driver who does not need additional auto insurance although is interested in third-party life insurance can now use the system to locate companies and rates for numerous long-term plans.
The company offers daily usage of its insurer website to help the public find and quote coverage packages from national companies. The website is updated digitally and features companies in almost every state. The company continues to support more types of research in 2015 for health, motorcycle and homeowner coverage policies.