Automotive Exterior – A Brand New Channel Which Aims To Provide News To Automotive Exterior Business

Feb. 16, 2007 – Automotive Exterior is a brand new channel which aims to provide news and analysis relevant to the automotive exterior business.

Components covered include :

Body panels
Impact protection
Locking systems
Pressed parts
Sealing systems
Stamped parts
Surface treatments
Top systems

Automotive Exterior provides you with news and developments that impact on automotive exteriors from all business and technology angles – what is new technologically, what investment is being made and where, who is doing and developing what, joint ventures, plus detailed analysis of modularity, materials, suppliers as well as developments at the vehicle manufacturers and general evolution in vehicle exteriors.

Your 12 month ‘Automotive Exterior’ subscription covers :

The design process – concepts and trends, how cars are being shaped and developed and why, plus who is involved in these processes and their importance.
The technology – latest developments in new materials, technologies, emergent trends, modularity, architecture etc.
The supply chain – who is doing what, with whom, where and why. We cover the entire supply chain all the way up to the vehicle manufacturers themselves.
The context – the effects of supply and demand driven changes, marketing, and overall context within the global auto industry
Individual components and areas of interest including: Body panels, Bumpers, Doors, Fascias, Glass, Grilles, Impact protection, Locking systems, Mirrors, Modules, Pressed parts, Sealing systems, Stamped parts, Surface treatments, Top systems, Trim, Wipers.

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