Avitus Group Helps Colorado Employers Navigate Changes to Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA); Publishes Article Designed to Educate Employers

Avitus Group, which specializes in helping businesses of all sizes solve their administrative hassles so they can improve efficiency, increase profitability and focus on what they do best, has published a timely new article to help employers throughout Colorado navigate changes to the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA).
The updated Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, which came into effect on January 1, 2015, makes fundamental changes to how all employers across the state — regardless of size — must protect employees against workplace discrimination, as well as respond to complaints and allegations. There are also changes to the kinds of financial relief that aggrieved employees can seek to recover, and under what circumstances the court may award damages.
In addition to highlighting all key changes to the statute, Avitus Group’s new article recommends that employers across Colorado make it a top priority to implement a 5-step CADA readiness plan that includes:
1. Reviewing policies to achieve compliance
2. Training staff to maintain consistency
3. Reviewing procedures to ensure accuracy and completeness
4. Enforcing anti-retaliation measures to protect complainants
5. Properly documenting all communication and correspondence
Additional information on these steps, including specific advice for Avitus Group members, is also featured in the new article.
“Avitus Group feels that it is important to get news of Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act changes out to our Colorado members, and to the business community in general, as these changes can greatly impact their workplace and potentially their bottom line,” commented Dawn Wilson, PHR, a Human Resource and Risk Management Consultant in Avitus Group’s Denver office.”
Added Ms. Wilson: “The best advice I have for business owners in Colorado is to sit down with their HR professional, and ensure that their employee handbook is up-to-date and compliant with the new CADA rules. Businesses without an in-house HR professional should give Avitus Group a call. Our consultants are certified HR professionals, and have years of experience helping business owners wade through current, new and pending laws and statutes that affect their workplace. Frankly, without having a qualified human resource partner, many businesses will find that trying to stay compliant can rapidly become a costly and risky nightmare.”
Avitus Group’s new article entitled “What All Colorado Employers Must Know about the New Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act or CADA” is available now on the company’s blog located here.
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