AVS Video ReMaker Stands Out of All Today’s MPEG Editors

Nov. 12, 2006 – Online Media Technologies Ltd., the owner of avsmedia.com project, releases AVS Video Tools update, the set of tools for a powerful cross-conversion of all key video formats, video capturing, DVD and video files transference to various handheld devices such as iPod, Sony PSP, Archos DVR, Zen Creative, mobile phones and portable DVD/Dvix players. AVS Video Tools 5.4 adds AVS Video ReMaker, a tool for direct editing of DVDs and MPEG files including DivX and XviD without re-encoding.

AVS Video ReMaker features MPEG editing capabilities which allow you to cut out commercials of a TV broadcast, remove unwanted parts from DVDs or video files recorded with DVR & DVD camcorders, edit, cut and trim MPEG files on the go. When saving the edited file AVS Video ReMaker you can make a DVD menu and burn MPEG2 video directly to a disc for your home DVD Player.

What truly sets AVS Video ReMaker apart from all known today’s MPEG editors is the ability to work not only with MPEG formats: MPEG 1, 2, but also with MPEG4 and even DivX, XviD, DV and with containers: DVD (incl. VOB, VRO), AVI, MPG, MOV, 3GP, MP4. MPEG editing operations can be also performed in a batch mode, as a result, you can edit several MPEG files of the same type at once that considerably saves your time and efforts.

AVS Video ReMaker scene detection algorithm scans, splits video into logical episodes and indicates a commercial break for deletion eliminating the need to search for transitions or adverts manually.

AVS Video ReMaker timeline feature, navigational controls and tabs ensure precise and accurate edits, cuts and joins of the specific frames you choose.

Pricing and Availability

AVS Video Tools runs under Windows 2000/XP/2003 for a single-user license and costs $29.95(US). The only limitation of the trial version is a watermark logo that is put on output files.

About Online Media Technologies Ltd.

Founded in 2004, Online Media Technologies Ltd. is an IT company that specializes in developing innovative video and audio solutions for end-users. Standing by our overall commitment to deliver high-end products and services, we create software tools that can enable our customers to simplify and enhance their work with audio and video data. For more information about us and our products, please visit http://www.avsmedia.com

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