AWSM Technology Opens Web Site Marketing School

Dec. 1, 2006 – Phoenix, Arizona company, AWSM Technology, unveils the AWSM School of Web Site Marketing. This teaches the fundamentals of how to market a business online, start an Internet-based business, invest in domain names and develop online real estate. At five thousand square feet, there is more than enough space to accommodate large classes and various curriculums. The first students will be selected from the AWSM Technology customer base. Soon after, training packages will be offered to anyone wishing to learn how to effectively market on the Web.

AWSM Technology Customer Service Manager- Rick Schrodt says: “The idea of this Web Site Marketing School came for our customers who have been asking us for training and help as we are rolling out our Site Publisher™ content management system for Microsite owners. The goal of the AWSM School of Web Site Marketing is to equip the individual with knowledge and technology enabling them to effectively compete on the same level as the top Internet retailers.”

Our ultimate goal is to unleash upon the world graduating classes of “’self contained marketing machines’” who are individuals with the knowledge and tools to effectively compete for search engine ranking with anybody including the giants.” AWSM Technology, Corporate Communications Manager, Randy Klein adds, “For the very first time, the AWSM School of Web Site Marketing combines cutting edge knowledge with patent-pending technology. The end result is an individual armed with the education and technology to elbow their way right to the top of the search engines.”

Mr. Schrodt says that the idea for the school came from observing the AWSM Customer Service Department at work: “Some of our customers lacked marketing knowledge while some lacked technical knowledge with some not being able to do much more than turn on a computer. But there was this tremendous interest in utilizing the Internet as a vehicle for income.” says Mr. Schrodt. The idea of providing organized instruction came from AWSM Technology recognizing this universal need from among their client base.

Randy Klein remembers: “When I think about the top level online marketing people that I know, none of them attended any “’Web Site Marketing School’”. They didn’t exist at the time! Most of our post-secondary education was in something wildly unrelated. Our Web Site Marketing “’education’” consisted of a long process of figuring this stuff out for ourselves. There are always new technologies and things to learn which help to keep it fascinating. It is so exciting to me to be able to pass on what I have learned to others. Sometime soon I expect to see job postings that read, “’applicant must have Web Site Marketing Degree.’”

The AWSM School of Web Site Marketing offers a comprehensive training program beginning with basic marketing and advertising principles followed by how to effectively target specific consumer audiences. Additional workshops are offered in affiliate marketing, building an e-business and utilizing online promotional strategies. These are coupled with advanced training to build sites, compete for top placement in the search engines, market domain names and much more. There are no educational or experience requirements to enroll.

AWSM Technology LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information on enrolling in the AWSM School of Web Site Marketing please call: (888) 771-2976 and ask for Mr. Mark Mearin. Information can also be obtained by sending an email to:

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