Axiomtek Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary as a Global Leader in the Embedded Solution Market

Axiomtek, celebrating its 25th year in business, looks back on its origins, growth and toward its future.

City of Industry, CA, April 28, 2015 –(– Axiomtek, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of innovative, high performance and reliable PC-based industrial computer products, is pleased to announce that 2015 is the year the company celebrates its first quarter of a century in business.

In 1990, the company was founded by CEO YT Yang in Taipei, Taiwan, as an Automatic Test System (ATS) system integrator. Recognizing the complex hardware needs of different industries, Yang began shifting his focus to designing and manufacturing single board computers and industrial PCs. In the ensuing years, the company extended its capabilities and product offerings far beyond its original focus. Today, thanks to the company’s unparalleled leadership, continued investment in research and development of its comprehensive product lines and commitment to quality, Axiomtek has expanded its product offerings to include highly reliable, feature-rich industrial PCs, single board computers, embedded systems, touch panel PCs, digital signage players, gaming, remote management software, industrial network and network appliances as well as IoT and M2M-related platforms. These highly specialized products are designed to serve particular industry needs and many are certified to meet stringent government regulations and safety standards for industries such as automation, transportation, energy, power utilities, and more.

With over two decades of industry experience serving markets such as transportation, power utility/renewable energy, automation, medical, network security, gaming, digital signage and kiosks/self-service/POS PC-based equipment, Axiomtek has grown to become one of the strongest leaders in the embedded computer design and manufacturing industry. The acquisitions of EtherWAN, Axiomtek Display Solutions (ADS) and Embedded Computing Services business unit of Suntron Corporation (ECS), now known as Axiomtek Systems, have expanded the company’s capabilities into network connectivity, industrial display and power supply, and value-added COTS and custom integration services.

With success in all areas of business, Axiomtek has continued to increase its market share and extend its global reach. The company’s vision has become more than just bringing smart, innovative embedded solutions to the increasingly connected world, but also “sustainable” embedded solutions. Its commitment to corporate social responsibility has grown with the company’s overall growth and is now one of the top priorities for the organization, as it embarks upon its next quarter of a century in business.

With various awards and recognitions over the last 25 years, Axiomtek has proven to be a company that not only listens to its customer’s needs, but also contributes and makes an impact to the embedded computer industry as one of the leaders in the marketplace.

“The world is a big place made smaller by the ever-changing technologies that help connect all of us,” said Yang. “The impact of our actions and how we operate, as a corporation, can affect generations to come. There are many things we can do to make this connected world a better place to live in. As a global corporate citizen, Axiomtek cares a great deal about our planet. I always think about how we can help improve our operations to positively impact the global environment as well as the people and countries we operate in. Axiomtek’s production process is compliant with many environmental protection standards. We are committed to recycling our industrial wastes, using lead-free materials and minimizing our carbon footprint. We put in place energy-saving plans to conserve power in all of our facilities across the globe. Our commitment to make the world a better place goes beyond how we operate – it is also woven into our product strategies. For example, our intelligent transportation solutions are designed and manufactured to provide effective energy consumption and to work hand-in-hand with the emerging environmental trends in various industries. These product solutions meet the demanding environmental requirements of industries such as the highly regulated public transit, hybrid vehicles, power utilities, and more. Our smart transportation products offer synergies with and support most urban IoT strategies, mega/smart city trends and cooperative ITS technologies to lower resource consumption and limit our environmental impact.

“We think differently,” said Yang. “We will continue our focus on creating products that will help make the world a better place. Our experienced teams in the Asia, Australasia, Europe, and the Americas understand what needs to be done to continue our industry leadership in the next quarter of a century. We have been and will continue to operate with integrity and efficiency. Our industry expertise, capable global teams, strong corporate values and commitment to our customers, shareholders, colleagues, partners and the world we live in are the main reasons we have reached our level of success in the past 25 years. We will continue to bring smart, innovative and sustainable embedded solutions to the customers in our targeted industries across the globe. We are focused and well-positioned for exponential growth in the next quarter of a century.”
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