Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS) Announces Affordable & Convenient HR Consultation Forums

Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS), a San Diego-based outsourced business operations firm, recently unveiled a new HR consultation forum. Designed exclusively for business owners, this new program provides key decision-makers with the knowledge necessary to better manage their human resource needs.
BOSS currently offers their nationwide client base with a multi-platform HR management structure, and their new HR forum both emphasizes and expands on their proven, time-tested human resource methods.
With an affordable price and effective HR management tools, the BOSS HR platform analyzes critical human resource areas, including:
Employee Handbook – why every company needs one
Recent changes in California employment law and their impact on businesses
Recent changes in other state employment laws and their impact on businesses
Sexual Harassment Training & Management Training and its importance in the workplace
Impact of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on businesses
Why outsourcing HR is a win/win for small and mid-sized businesses
How to develop proper performance reviews and the important role this plays within an organization
And many more pressing HR topics
“Our new forum offers businesses the tools, resources and knowledge to enhance their existing HR department, from a practice and policy standpoint,” said BOSS founder and CEO Michelle Devereux. “With our excellent track record of outsourced business solutions, this is just one more way BOSS can help your business succeed.”
HR management is one of the key components of Back Office Support Solution’s Operations Support Services platform. The company is known for their personalized Accounting & Bookkeeping Services and Accounting Systems Support services as well.
The brand-new HR forum is conveniently offered via in-person seminars and internet-based learning sessions. Each platform focuses on traditional HR best practices, with topical discussion on recent legislative changes that every HR manager and associate should be aware of.
“Business owners can use our forum to review their current practices – 401k implementation, developing training plans, talent acquisition, employee on-boarding and more – and also learn about new federal and state laws that impact their entire HR operations,” Ms. Devereux said.
About BOSS:
Back Office Support Solutions (BOSS) provides top-end business operations services, including accounting (support & maintenance), bookkeeping, payroll, strategic planning, financial reporting, HR consultation, ad hoc services and more. With a personalized and customer-friendly approach, BOSS accommodates small businesses, large firms and every enterprise in between. BOSS works with each client on a case-by-case basis to offer tailored, results-oriented solutions. BOSS offers expert, on-point advice and resources for a variety of industries and business sectors, including pharmaceutical, retail, service, software, business, manufacturing and more. For more information, please call (619) 363-3009, email Info(at)backofficesupportsolutions(dot)com, or visit