Backbone Integrates Internet Radio Software with iTunes Store

Nov. 14, 2006 – Worcester, MA — November 14, 2006 — Backbone Networks Corporation [] today announced Backbone Radio 4.2, the first software to bring the powerful features of iTunes 7 to Internet radio broadcasters and their listening audiences. For radio stations, this integration provides greater access to programming content and a built-in mechanism for generating additional e-commerce revenues through the iTunes Affiliate program. For listeners, this integration brings one-click iTunes Store search for radio content, which they can purchase and download, as well as image-enhanced streaming via iTunes.

Backbone Radio is a complete suite of software that enables Mac users to create and operate professional radio stations for the Internet. Since its inception, Backbone Radio has supported Apple QuickTime, MPEG-4 and iTunes technology and their features. Version 4.2 is dedicated to bringing these powerful features to the Internet radio industry and to its audience.

“We concentrate on helping Internet broadcasters establish professional radio stations,” said Richard Cerny, Backbone president, “and a healthy station must have a workable revenue model. The iTunes affiliate program is an innovative way for stations to sell their content using the world’s most powerful music store. Backbone Radio puts this power into the station itself.”

Backbone Radio is the only software that streams and displays clickable images with the audio content, and only Backbone stations can display images in the iTunes player. Version 4.2 adds several enhancements, including content contribution from the station’s iTunes Library and from the iTunes Store, as well as built-in e-commerce opportunities based on interactive audience transactions.

Station managers can now load music programming directly from their own iTunes libraries, and Backbone software automatically inserts the songs’ URL and album cover art from the iTunes Store, based on artist, title and album names. These images, text and URL are streamed with the audio, and together form the basis for active audience participation, including clickable commerce.

Both the station and its listeners benefit from the interactive experience that results. Along with hearing music, users see a composite image with overlaid text, similar to that seen on music videos. When they hear a song they like, listeners will click on the song’s album cover image in the iTunes or QuickTime player window. They are immediately taken to see more about that song in the iTunes Store, where they can purchase and download that song for future enjoyment in their iPod.® Upon a listener’s purchase and download of qualifying content, the station earns a percentage of the sales price of that song or album.

Backbone Radio includes all the automation, streaming and content creation software to implement a complete live and automated Internet radio station. It is unique in its ability to provide remote event broadcast coverage, unlimited audience scalability and a powerful mix of multimedia radio consisting of streamed audio, images links and text. The software also generates Podcasts with chapters and associated images, playable on iPods. Backbone Radio is available as a universal binary compatible with new Intel Macintoshes.

Backbone Networks also provides affordable Internet radio hosting services, which include no-cost license to Backbone Radio Pro, the company’s most powerful software.

About Backbone Networks Corporation
Founded in 1990, Backbone has its roots in developing television and radio software, especially content production and delivery applications. Its founders are pioneers in developing technology for the broadcasting industry. They have supplied software and systems for some of the highest profile broadcasters and their events. For more information on Backbone Networks Corporation, go to

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