Backgammon e Book Volume One OUT NOW

Dec. 18, 2006 – The popularity of online backgammon has grown and grown over the past year attracting more and more players every day to online sites such as ( recognized as the world’s biggest online backgammon room, with over two million players registered online

This increase in players worldwide playing the game, has prompted us to look at ways that we can bring to the playing public a better understanding of the game, highlighting its strategies, rules and tips on how to play, which is why we have created this Backgammon-e-book (Volume One).

While much of the -e- book is focused on beginners to the game, there is much to appeal to those players who are not new to the online scene, with descriptions on various techniques and strategies that players may come across during a The backgammon-e-book. Whether you’re a new player or an old hand, the backgammon-e-book is there to help, guide, tip or teach you into being a better backgammon player.

Easy to read and just as easy to download this fast compact e-book gives you the knowledge and know how needed to play, from set up, to bearing off and winning the game. It tells you about tournaments and how to win real money playing backgammon. It shows you when, and where to use the doubling cube and what plays to make if you’re faced by an aggressive or defensive player.

The backgammon e-book makes a great Christmas gift for all ages and for all types of backgammon players.

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Backgammon – e- book, a new chapter in online backgammon.

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