Baggy Buddy Easy Carry Shopping Bag Handles Are The Gifts Best Given Before Holiday Shopping Starts

Dec. 4, 2006 – Baggy Buddy Shopping Bag Handles have become the gift to give friends and neighbors in the months before the actual holiday shopping period begins. Thousands are sold from the official Baggy Buddy factory direct website during the months of October and November.
First, they make all the grocery shopping in preparation for all the big dinners and parties a lot easier. Then, they do double duty in the malls and department stores easing the strain of carrying all those holiday gifts.
A few happy users of the unique, brightly colored plastic bag handles even saw a safety factor. The Baggy Buddy Shopping Bag Handles made carrying their shopping bags so easy and comfortable; they found they needed to make fewer trips through the dark parking lot to their car.
Priced on the factory direct website at only $2.95 or less apiece, its hard to see why everyone doesn’t use one every time they go to the supermarket, department store, or mall.

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