Bare Naked Ads Thrill Franchises and Entrepreneurs

Jan. 29, 2007 – Tampa, FL – Last week the cheeky new ad agency, Bare Naked Ads (, made its debut on the online TV advertising stage with a sexy service catering to entrepreneurs looking for national TV exposure without a huge commitment. Already, this chic service is a hit with start-ups and franchise businesses.

Their provocative TV campaign is attracting both offline and online attention. For a sneak peek at the company’s flirty TV commercial, visit:

This may be the first time a national quality TV ad production has been offered for free.

Bare Naked Ads are fully made to order, not merely “personalized” templates. Advertisers provide a few simple details, and the creative marketing team at Bare Naked Ads does the rest, like the big agencies do for their high-roller clients. Advertisers get a truly unique commercial for free with purchase of a budget-priced air time package. The ad is TV, web or mobile ready in as little as 24 hours, from script to screen.

Businesses such as franchisors, motion picture distributors, and restaurant chains now have an inexpensive, easy-to-use advertising solution for national TV campaigns. Bare Naked Ads will make a free ad, or if clients prefer, they can B.Y.O.A. (bring your own ad).

The Bare Naked Ads streamlined order process is faster and easier than that of most discount online agencies, and there’s no need to struggle with mind-boggling air time charts or write-it-yourself scripts (if you dreaded English class, raise your hand).

TV air time packages stretch to fit even the skimpiest budgets. Advertisers can get three months of dynamic nationwide TV coverage to millions of households for less than they typically spend for only three weeks of static, online click-throughs. Online text ads were once considered the refuge of the ad-dollar challenged start-up.

Many discount agencies pad their air time rates to compensate for small air time buys. In contrast, Bare Naked Ads does not slip in extra fees to the air time rate: the network rate is the advertiser’s rate. Now, budget conscious entrepreneurs can reach around the competition and get ahead.

The ads are not really “barenaked” in the colloquial sense. The stylish Bare Naked Ads samples, featured on the site, sport national quality takeoffs inspired by slick, popular Madison Avenue commercials. Their experienced team has won over three dozen awards for TV commercial productions. The ads are so uncannily good, it’s hard to believe they’re free.

The Bare Naked Ads service is the latest attractive offering from the creators of the original, entrepreneur-friendly, award-winning online ad agency, Cheap TV Spots. and are services of Academy Leader, Inc., a woman-owned, multi-faceted media company spanning TV, radio, motion pictures and new media.

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