Bed Bug Infestations an Increasing Concern in the US and Worldwide

Environmental Health Services, Inc. working to keep a highly-effective, pesticide-free thermal pest remediation unit eliminating bed bugs around the clock.

Norwood, MA, May 02, 2015 –(– Boston may not be Number 1 on the list of the 15 worst bed bug cities, (, but Number 11 is bad enough to be a big problem. A bed bug infestation can happen in the smallest, dingiest motel or the poshest 5 star hotel, and it causes near panic for guests and staff alike. Just the mere thought of bedbugs makes people start scratching.

EHS has focused on the safest and most effective means of pest control possible since it’s inception in 1985. When thermal pest remediation proved to be the best treatment available for bedbug infestations, they invested nearly $140,000 in a state-of-the-art unit. Still, the average citizen doesn’t seem to know that there is no need to throw away belongings or treat them with dangerous chemical pesticides. With reports that bedbug infestations are increasing in both the US and worldwide, the demand for thermal pest remediation is growing along with it.

Another interesting trend in bed bug control is K9 detection, which is becoming more and more common. K9 dogs are able to accurately detect bed bugs even where they might not be seen, and the idea of man’s best friend helping out during what can be a rather horrifying experience for a homeowner or hotel guest can be quite comforting and reassuring. Dogs have become the preferred method for both initial and follow up inspections to guard against re-infestation, helping to avoid overtreatment by finding specific hot spots and targeting them.

The best news, besides seeing bed bugs gone, is that there are no dangerous chemicals used and no residual pesticides to put humans or pets at risk. And it is just one of the highly effective and environmentally friendly tools for pest control in teh EHS kit.

Environmental Health Services, Inc. is located in Norwood, MA. The company was founded by John Stellberger in 1985 and is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible commercial and residential pest control. Stellberger’s forward-thinking approach has made him an industry leader in eliminating nuisances and health threats while pioneering sustainable practices in pest control and general company operations. You can contact EHS at or learn more about their services at
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