Beecell Signs Agreement with Jordanian Music Singer Nahawand (The Jordanian Iris)

Dec. 3, 2006 – Amman, Jordan-(December 2006) – Aligned with its ongoing aims to promote the works of local artists Beecell, a Jordanian mobile value added services solution provider, recently signed a contract with Jordanian singer Nahawand. The contract signed will allow the firm to distribute Nahawand’s songs across the region in the form of mobile ring tones, wallpapers, themes, and video downloads.

This agreement is only one of many similar ones signed between both Beecell and other renowned music artists from across the region. This particular partnership with Nahawand comes as part of the firm’s ongoing strive to provide its expanding client base with unique, cost effective, beneficial and entertaining mobile content in a wide variety of formats.

At present, the firm provides its clients with a wide gallery Arabic and English language content including ring tones, wallpaper, themes, images and lots more. In this regard, Nahawand’s songs and music will present themselves as a valuable addition to Beecell’s expanding portfolio of content, for Nahwand is known for both her powerful voice quality and her expanding collection of romantic, national and traditional songs.

Commenting on the agreement signed, Mr. Hani Thalji Beecell’s Business Development manager said, “We are very proud of the agreement we had just signed with Nahawand, for this move to us is a step forward towards our aims for promoting Jordanian art in all its forms. We have signed many similar contracts with several production houses in Jordan. Through these contracts we hope that our firm will be the vehicle transporting Jordanian music and art towards regional and even international fame and prosperity. We at Beecell feel that it is our duty to help our local artists make their voices and works seen and heard. Art after all is the core of social development and we at Beecell want to play an active role in the social development of our Jordanian community members”.

From her end, Nahawand said that she was proud to be working with Beecell ”To me, this contract comes as a window of opportunity, for it allows me to a wider base of listeners, and to know more about my fans expectations’. I hope that through this service I will be closer to the very fans that had supported me. I am confident that this will be the stepping stone for further cooperation between myself and Beecell in the future, and I have full trust in the high quality of service presented by this particular firm” she added.

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