Belynda’s e-Home Invites Interactive Posts to New Motivational Website

Nov. 17, 2006 – This newly launched, motivational site offers “cyber-space” to submit the good, the bad and the compassionate posts.

The site also introduces the Daily Health, Fitness, Personal Wellness and Daily Agenda Workbooks. They were created to help consumers get started on daily health and well being goals. The workbooks cover an array of personal input for daily occurrences. A combination of all four workbooks illustrates a complete coverage towards health, fitness, personal wellness and organization. These workbooks are excellent and thorough tracking records for a one year period.

Belynda’s e-Home has designated an interactive section on the site that offers a place, a “cyber-space”, to post good news, dedications and to submit beefs and bouquets. It screens all entries that get posted. The message being sent by the site is to share personal posts that connect the “human nature” in all of us. Submitted posts are shared by all viewers.

The “Good News e-Center” shares good news with the world. The “Dedications e-Hall” section gives the option to submit dedications for people and pets. The “Beefs & Bouquets e-Board” shares all the other posts not covered at the other interactive sections. And just for a little added fun, there is Bud’s e-Den for posts about your pet’s best or worst quirks.

The founders of the site have a goal. The purpose of their website is to get “human nature” back into first place, ahead of all else. L.M. Richard, co-founder of the site states, “Happiness can be found within us and we need to get back to that. Focusing on our health and wellness is the first step to flourishing that happiness. The four workbooks cover every aspect of a person’s daily life and can assist towards starting that first step.”

This is a site that turns technology toward a personal level.

— End —