#Bethecake Clara Lee Helping Teens Foster Self-Worth and Healthy Relationships

Clara Lee, motivational speaker and author of the acclaimed book, “The Cupcake Theory,” announces the launch of a nation-wide tour to middle schools, high schools and teen organizations from August to November of 2015. Clara will be speaking on the importance of and ways to build personal self-worth and healthy relationships.

Los Angeles, CA, July 29, 2015 –(PR.com)– Clara Lee is a motivational speaker, author and the founder of Create Life Unlimited, CLÚ Incorporated. Lee is on a mission to empower young adults of all ages starting with teens in middle school and high school. Lee will be speaking at schools to help young adults build confidence, self-worth, and nurture their own self-respect in relationships. This nation-wide tour is part of the “The Movement” that was introduced with the launch of her acclaimed book, The Cupcake Theory. Lee will visit 50 schools during the 2015 fall semester spreading the word in “The Movement.”

“Teenagers in middle and high school are at the age when it is critical to infuse them with positive, enlightening conversation on self-worth and emotionally healthy relationships.” Lee stated. She went on to explain, “We all have challenges that we grow from. At the age of nineteen, I was dealing with a very traumatic health challenge in my right eye with a condition called Glaucoma that almost resulted in becoming permanently blind. During this time, I came to truly appreciate my relationships with those supporting me during my recovery as well as learning about myself through extensive inner reflections. This experience led to her book, The Cupcake Theory, the decision to help young adults and people everywhere. “My passion in life is helping and inspiring others to become the best that they could be through realizing their own self-worth through their relationships with themselves and others.”

Lee specializes in helping people overcome blocks, gain self-confidence and identity to discover their own inspirations to become the best at who or what they want to be in various aspects of their lives. Lee offers seminars and workshops for teens including:

· Happiness and Individuality
· Setting Goals
· Overcoming Behavioral Distractions and Attention Issues
· Listening, Learning and Speaking
· Life Organizing and Preparing for College – High School
· Self-Confidence and Controlling Energy – Middle School

As an inspirational speaker, Clara is warm, charming, and a master storyteller who connects with her audience through personal vignettes of her own struggles with adversity. She shares how the philosophy she lives by can positively inspire women to re-evaluate their thinking, actions, values, and relationships.

About Clara Lee – Clara Lee has a passion for living life authentically inside and out, and travels around the country giving inspirational speeches, private coaching sessions, and author-meet-and-greets to teens, young adults and professionals to encourage self-confidence and healthy relationships in individuals. She authored a self-help, inspirational relationship book, The Cupcake Theory, Clara holds a successful background in business management consulting in Organizational Effectiveness and Human Capital Management for top fortune 500 companies around the world, and is a former Miss Asia and Runway Model/Host. Clara is also the CEO/Founder of Create Life Unlimited, CLÚ Incorporated, a prestige people and business development coaching, consulting company.

Clara has appeared and been published in a number of magazine articles, radio shows, newspapers, online blogs, business articles and university magazines for her work with teens and women in the “The Cupcake Theory Movement,” self-empowerment and inspiration.

For more information or to have Clara Lee speak at a school near you, visit Clara Lee’s website, www.ClaraLee.net.
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