Beverage Multi Patented Dispensing Product Divice Ready For Launch… Healthies Beverage on Earth

Jan. 18, 2007 – The Blast Cap is perfect for beverage categories such as Sport, Diet, Energy, Greens, Vitamin, Anti Oxidants as well as Children’s Vitamin Drinks
The Blast Cap has unlimited applications and categories of use, Your mind is the limit If you yearn to be a leader, crave perseverance and have a profound determination to have the best, look no further than the Blast Cap. The Blast Cap is the future to the beverage industry and the future is here now…

For just pennies per beverage you can be the leader in Beverage Technology that can help change the way we drink. Pure – Natural – Simple and Fun.

The Blast Cap Beverage helps the fight against Obesity and Diabetes.
The Blast Cap is the Freshest, most Potent and Preservative/Chemical Free beverage on Earth. The Blast Cap is a must see DEMO. See it to believe it on our site with a video demo…

We look forward to hearing from you with your new beverage needs.
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Please visit the web site and look at the Blast Cap Video Demo

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