BFO says “Konichiwa” to Japanese Customers

Nov. 23, 2006 – London, England, 23 November 2006, – Big Faceless Organization (BFO), provider of high quality Java software components, are delighted to announce the launch of the Japanese version of the website:

The BFO Japanese website will display when the preferred language is set to Japanese on your web browser. Every page of the BFO site has been meticulously translated into Japanese.

CEO Monica Kar, says “we wanted to demonstrate our loyalty and commitment to business in the Japanese marketplace. Our Japanese client base has increased significantly over the last few years and the time was right to offer language support and aid further expansion.”

“Feedback to date has been positive and yes, we are looking to add further languages specifically; other Tiger Economies, Eastern Europe and the Sub Continent.”

To download free fully functional trial versions of BFO’s software please go to:

About BFO: BFO is a global resource of Java components for the international B2B market. Products include the Big Faceless Report Generator, PDF and Graph Libraries. The client portfolio includes Boeing, Lehman Brothers, Harvard University, HSBC, Fannie Mae, Roche, Toyota and the US Department of Energy. For more information about BFO visit

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