Bid A Drive App Floods the Transportation Market

The increase in litigation against rideshare apps are on the rise from government agencies. Countries worldwide see it as a way of destroying the transportation industry. Professional drivers also see it as a threat to their way of life. The introduction of Bid A Drive rideshare app however may be the solution to this concept widely accepted by riders.

Arlington, TX, May 16, 2015 –(– A new and green innovative method involving safe and reliable transportation has been announced. Consumers now have the ability to download the free Bid A Driver IOS app and have the convenience at their fingertips to browse reputable local drivers all across the world.

Once they pinpoint the location they need a driver for they submit a request. Drivers that are sign up for bid a drive in that particular geographical area receive the request and begin to bid at a cost that may be cheaper than other ride share trip cost. Riders at this point have the opportunity to choose right away or wait till they get the best deal.

This service will eliminate the high costs associated with renting a vehicle, and then incurring the stress of trying to maneuver unfamiliar roads and highways.

The introduction of Bid A Drive is to be commended for it allows consumers to work with professional drivers who are familiar with their location and accept any charges that go along with the trip preparation. It is believed this type of revolution within the transportation industry will carry taxi and limousine services into a new era.

This rideshare app offers “On Demand” and “Pre-Order” Online cab services by aiming to offer transportation convenience to its riders. It is a profit sharing service for all professional drivers that signup. It features a cashless service, all transactions for payment occurs immediately after completion of trip.

Bid A Drive believes the old-fashioned taxi business is highly in need of innovation; it should be more of a pleasurable experience for both the client and the driver. Costs need to go down and the level of service needs to go up. Bid A Drive, unlike other ridesharing apps, is an opportunity for professional drivers, not a threat. The introduction of BId A Drive to work with professional drivers as a new ride share may be applauded, and we truly believe this type of revolution within the business will carry taxi and Limousine services into a new era.

As the name generally stands, it is a ride share application that grants an opportunity for all professional drivers that are signed up to “Bid” to drive upon request from various riders across the world. The riders ability to choose the trip cost from any part of the world, compared to an initial comparison to other ride share apps in the location, makes it therefore cheaper and fair to both riders and drivers.

The general objective of the app is to provide choices in transportation for both Drivers and Riders globally and not to compete with other ride share apps.

Its features however goes far beyond to protect both the rider (client) and Driver.

The rideshare app offers On Demand and Pre-Order Online cab Services by aiming to offer transportation convenience to its riders. It is a profit sharing service for all professional drivers that signup. Bid A Drive provides the following features in the application.

It is believed the concept of Bid A Drive started about a year ago upon serious evaluations to lapses in other ride share application. The ideas to make a better ride share that will address the two parties, that is rider and driver involved was scrutinized. It also took into consideration the assistance it could provide various cities in the world, especially with the solution to the number of ride share apps litigations. To learn more about this company visit their website
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