Blackbird Technologies Settles Patent Infringement Case With Shapewear Seller

Blackbird Technologies has settled a patent infringement lawsuit related to shapewear products.
Blackbird Technologies ( filed nine patent infringement lawsuits against ten defendants in October 2014 in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware. The patent at issue is United States Patent No. 7,081,036, relating to undergarments known as shapewear. This month, Blackbird Technologies settled the first of these lawsuits, against shapewear seller Hourglass Angel (14-cv-1257).
Chris Freemen, VP and Head of Litigation for the company, stated, “It feels great to get this settlement. Bringing our litigation expertise to bear to help inventors is very gratifying.”
The patent’s inventors, Stacy and Janeen Howard, had tried for years to make money from their invention. They did everything that independent inventors should do. They filed for patent protection. They tried to partner with established companies in the industry. They tried to manufacture the product themselves. Finally, after many years of trying, money ran out and they had to move on. The Howards sat on the sidelines and watched the shapewear market explode.
In 2014, Blackbird Technologies spoke with the Howards about their invention. Stacy Howard was hopeful again. “I’ve been waiting for you to call,” he said.
Wendy Verlander, President and CEO of Blackbird Technologies, added, “The Howards’ story is one we hear from so many inventors and small companies. They face insurmountable odds when trying to make money from their terrific inventions. They are the reason we started this company.”
About Blackbird Technologies
Blackbird Technologies provides a unique opportunity for individual inventors and small companies to realize the value of their patents. By using in-house expertise, rather than expensive law firms, Blackbird Technologies is able to litigate at reduced costs and achieve results that equal or exceed what a law firm would recover. This company creates efficiencies that make it possible for individual inventors and small companies to see the end game – realizing the true value of their patents.