Board Certified Dentist Internationale' Association Offer Best Way to do Dental Tourism

Two Board Certified Dentist Associations combined to offer dental travel patients high-quality, personal services locating top dentists in the best dental tourism places, free estimates and referrals without added online broker cost. Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association has been assisting foreign dental travel patients for over a decade, Certified Dentists Internationale’ is based in Asia and is now expanding into many countries worldwide.

San Diego, CA, August 05, 2015 –(– Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association Now Affiliated with Certified Dentists Internationale’ Making Dental Tourism Even Easier

Updated: August 2, 2015

Mexico City:
Board Certified Mexico Dentist Association is now affiliated with the new Certified Dentists Internationale’. Combined they assist 1,000’s of patients annually without cost in selecting the best dental tourism dentists and places for their dental needs.

They are dental tourism experts who have been around for well over a decade and you can depend on them.

They don’t just give out dentist names and say “Good luck.” Their staff personally coordinates estimates, x-rays, making referrals and setting appointments without any additional cost to the patient.

They also offer dental tourism travel tips, assist with arranging gratis ground transportation in many locales and are available for patients from start to finish.

Best of all – their patient advisers are fully trained, and their recommended dentists are not only board certified with decades of experience, many are award winners, dental specialist college professors and Presidents of their dental specialist associations.

Both associations will now offer patients more choices in more countries and the best board certified dentists for the advanced dental procedures most dental tourists require.

This includes dental specialties such as dental implants, oral restorations, oral surgery, cosmetic dental makeovers, tmj disorder, orthodontics prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and others.

Patients and dentists love the services of the associations according to Sandra Jamala President of CDI – “The dentists are able to spend more time treating patients and potential dental travel patients get their answers faster from our trained patient advisers.

“Helping patients save money with dental tourism is a mission shared by both associations. Both advocate making foreign patients from developed nations be made aware that when one goes abroad, one should insist on using the services of a board certified dentist to ensure one will be getting the same quality that they would receive back home.

“Fancy clinics, signs saying the dentist is a specialist, certificates of attendance at a convention seminar on dental implants mean little or nothing. Graduating from dental specialist college and then passing the board exams to become an oral surgeon, orthodontist or prosthodontist means everything if you are having dental implants, crowns, veneers or a dental makeover.

“Our Board Certified Dentist Association members have an average of 25 years experience in their fields,” says Dr. Jamala. “Some have 35. These are the ones you want when you travel 1,000’s of miles to spend many thousands of dollars on your important dentistry.”

Certified Dentists Internationale’ and Board Certified Mexico Dentists Association are both expanding into more countries and adding patient adviser staff as dental tourism becomes more popular in the West.

People like being able to interact with patient advisers and dentists. They don’t want to be given a blind referral to a clinic in Los Algodones and know the doctors (most of whom are general dentists) are paying huge listing fees to a dental broker agency.

Patients will be more sure of getting the best dentist for their complicated dentistry when they visit a dental specialist association .

Board certified dentist associations give personal service without additional costs. And saving money is what dental tourism is all about.

Contact Board Certified Dentists Internationale’ for free estimates, resumes, referrals and dental travel info for Mexico and other popular dental tourism countries such as Costa Rica, Thailand and The Philippines.


To send x-rays, panoramic, dental treatment plans or if you are a top board certified dentist interested in joining the association:

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