Board Games By Garry Welsh Is Published

Nov. 8, 2006 – Board Games is the humorous story of Blinkerton, a fictional company run by a team of idiosyncratic yet instantly recognizable characters who are oblivious to the real world. This all changes when Blinkerton is taken-over and the secretive “Project X” starts to make its presence known. Chaos abounds as personal agendas, crossed wires and self-survival become the order of the day.

The story’s protagonist is Neville Granger, an overactive under-achiever, generously touted as Blinkerton’s answer to Red Adair. His mission is to resolve Project X. But will the calamitous Neville be Blinkerton’s saviour, or will he just make matters worse?

Excerpt from the book:
Charles looked around the room at his team. “Firstly, would someone please remind me who is taking overall accountability for this project?”
Each member of Charles’ team took a sharp intake of breath. Accountability! Whatever next! The “A” word was corporate blasphemy at Blinkerton.
Six pairs of eyes quickly looked down at the table. Each member of Charles’ team suddenly appeared engrossed in the paperwork in front of them. Behind fake pensive expressions their brains were quickly trying to formulate reasons why they should not be given any responsibility for the project. Even more so because Duvall had mentioned there was slippage!
“Victor?” said Charles, breaking the awkward silence.
“Not me,” replied Stabbins, rather too quickly. “I don’t even know what the project is delivering.”
The others around the table quickly followed suit and denied any knowledge of the project. Duvall smiled to himself as he watched this so-called top team in action.
Smedley was the last to speak. “I haven’t a clue what this project is about. Although I’m positive it’s not an HR initiative.”
“Is there such a thing?” asked Stabbins, trying to change the subject. “Sounds like an oxymoron to me.”
Smedley looked confused. “What do you mean?”
“HR and initiative. The two don’t usually go together,” Stabbins explained.
Golightly laughed out loud.
Smedley scowled at both of them.
“Can we please get back to the subject at hand,” pleaded Charles. “Are we really saying that no one on this Executive Committee is taking any ownership for this key strategic project?”
His team looked sheepish.
Stabbins appeared to buckle under the pressure. “I’m sorry. It slipped my mind,” he said, feigning contrition, but not too well. “I remember now. Malcolm was accountable for this project.” Stabbins smiled proudly.
His colleagues looked at him with admiration. What a get-out clause! The former Finance Director was an excellent scapegoat.

About the Author: Garry Welsh is British and lives in Florida, USA. For the last few years of his career, Garry has focused on corporate trouble-shooting and taming ‘runaway’ projects. In his experience, chaos in business knows no boundaries, and this theme runs through the novel.

Garry has written one other full-length novel, and he is presently writing a third novel entitled The Whistleblower.

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