Bonfyre partners with evolve24 to offer actionable insights for event and conference planners

Bonfyre, the two-year-old social networking startup, and evolve24, a leading big data analytics company, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership to offer actionable insights to Bonfyre’s corporate event customers who use Bonfyre to increase engagement ROI for their conferences, celebrations, retreats, incentive trips and more.
Corporate event customers use Bonfyre as a private social networking tool to create excitement ahead of an event or conference, drive engagement during the experience and continue interaction well after the event is over. Bonfyre customers pay to access dozens of advanced features like surveys, trivia and interactive games to customize their bonfyre for their specific event.
“Bonfyre stands out in the crowded corporate event app marketplace because of its focus on human interaction,” said Anthony Sardella, CEO of evolve24. “The result is high levels of engagement and interaction which creates a rich data set from which to derive meaningful insights,” he added.
Together evolve24 and Bonfyre will create a new insights offering that captures bonfyre program data and layers in analytics to help businesses shape more meaningful experiences and outcomes. This combined offering will take event data that was mostly just good to know and transform it into something actionable.
“With evolve24, we can translate Bonfyre’s higher activity into intelligence that has bottom-line impact for customers, which is unique in the corporate event app marketplace,” said Mark Sawyier, CEO of Bonfyre. “Our customers will know which speaker or activity is actually worth spending $20,000 on, what kind of content resonates best, which people are the best influencers, and more,” he added.
By integrating evolve24’s advanced analytics, Bonfyre customers can measure participant perception, identify patterns of engagement and measure program effectiveness. More specifically, customers will gain insight into:
Topics – what conversations, planned or unplanned, are present in the event experience
Opinion – what do participants have to say about the venue, speakers, programs, etc.
Emotion – which program components encourage desired behavior
Network Influence – which stakeholders are at the core of the conversation; responsible for nurturing, advocating and promoting engagement
Effectiveness – how well did the event miss, meet or exceed expectations
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For more information or to learn more about evolve24 or Bonfyre, please contact us at info(at)evolve24(dot)com or hey(at)bonfyreapp(dot)com
evolve24 is a big data analytics and insights company that measures audience perception to enable clients to make confident business decisions. With bleeding-edge technology and patent-pending analytics, like Opinion, Emotion, Trust and PreCISE™, evolve24 uses big data to derive market and consumer insights, measure program effectiveness and provide anticipatory issue intelligence through innovative research, dashboards and portals. Learn more at or follow @evolve24.
Bonfyre is a leading social narrowcasting technology that better connects its users and customers to the people who matter. Each Bonfyre is an exclusive social network for real-time chat, photo and video sharing for family, friends, co-workers, shared experiences and more. Bonfyre’s customers pay to access dozens of advanced features like moderator options, analytics and engagement tools to tailor-fit each Bonfyre to their needs. Learn more at or follow @BonfyreApp.