BOOK DEAL: “The Progress of Man: G. W. Bush v. The People” by Dr. Thomas Moore

Nov. 26, 2006 – PRESS RELEASE:
Los Angeles, Ca, November 26, 2006– Alphar Publishing has signed a deal for “The Progress of Man”, a camp romp within the Republican Party about conflict between Dubya and “We The People”, both struggling with internal crises. Dubya loves his wife Liberty Bell but a tragic dysfunction has sprung from Dubya’s relationship with his God, and his nemesis; “We The People”.
“We the People” repeatedly elect Dubya to vent our parochial desires while the environment decays. Dubya completes the resolution of his inner conflicts by joining another secret society, the Knitting Club, a radical men’s group. Dubya appoints the director, Muleskinner, to run the country and contracts Al Gore to wage war on the environment, while he takes Liberty on a second honeymoon to a fall-out shelter.
The story is a tragedy that, at the last, twists into fantastic beauty; it probes the conflict between cynical “We the People” versus Dubya Bush, our antithesis.
Alphar is a publisher of outstanding literary fiction that focuses upon inner conflicts, and will proudly release “Progress” this season, along with “Upland Road” by—-
Dr. Thomas Moore is on a west coast tour to promote his two new novels. He is an experiential author with a sweeping impressionistic style and a wicked sense of humor that enables him to progress serious issues in a deft manner.
“The Progress of Man: G. W. Bush v. The People”, ISBN# 9780978602482 by Thomas Moore.
Upland Road (0978602420) is about the redemption of a drunkard’s angry daughter, who is already haunted by grim sexual memories, and determined to marry well.
Dr. Thomas Moore, Alphar Publishing: V: 510-4100433, 818-8235658
Publicist: Anthony Caytor: 818-2814753. EMAIL:

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