Interviews "Melody Hill" Author Rick DeStefanis is pleased to announce the promotion of the new military espionage thriller “Melody Hill” from author, Rick DeStefanis.

Atlanta, GA, July 30, 2015 –(– “Melody Hill” is the exciting prequel to the award winning novel “The Gomorrah Principle.” While promoting this new thriller, BookBuzz was able to sit down for an Author Q&A with author Rick DeStefanis.

When asked how much of the book is realistic, Rick replied, “Both ‘Melody Hill’ and ‘The Gomorrah Principle’ faithfully adhere to the details and events surrounding the Vietnam War such that they could be listed as historical fiction as well as their designations as military/espionage thrillers. Most of these two stories are told as part of actual military operations, such as in ‘Melody Hill,’ when Duff Coleridge’s first experience with the 101st Airborne takes place during Operation Pickett along the Cambodian Border in December and January, 1966.”

Rick also explains that, “I had/have friends who went straight from training into Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol units, Special Forces A-Teams operating in Cambodia, Laos and North Vietnam, and as a Specialist Fourth Class I received a secret clearance within 14 months of joining the military,” when asked if his experiences are somehow told in the novel.

The author is currently working on an upcoming novel, which he describes as, “Raeford’s MVP. It’s somewhat of a segue from the thriller genre into something a little more mainstream. Although it begins in Vietnam (the first six chapters), the largest part of the story takes place afterward. ”

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About the Author:
Writer, photographer, and avid outdoorsman Rick DeStefanis lives in northern Mississippi with his wife of forty years, Janet. While his nonfiction writing, such as The Philosophy of Big Buck Hunting, focuses on his outdoor excursions, it is his military expertise that informs his novels. His works, Raeford’s MVP (coming fall, 2015), “Melody Hill,” and the award-winning novel The Gomorrah Principle, all draw from his experiences as a paratrooper and infantry light weapons specialist serving from 1970 to 1972 with the 82nd Airborne Division.

About the Book:
“Melody Hill”
By Rick DeStefanis
Published: April 2015
ISBN: 978-1508742166
Pages: 359
Genre: Military/Espionage Thriller

Duff Coleridge has joined the military and heading to the war in Vietnam. With the instincts of a natural warrior the young paratrooper quickly proves himself a more than capable soldier and is recruited into the shadowy world of black-ops. Despite months of jungle fighting, Duff soon finds counter-espionage is an even more dangerous proposition when he is approached by a female South Vietnamese intelligence operative. Are her advances based on true attraction, or are they merely a means of exploitation? Is this beautiful French-Vietnamese woman, as his CIA boss claims, a Vietcong spy? Duff must depend on his natural intuition and instincts to know who is telling the truth. His CIA boss, who seems more rogue than company man, is dealing arms on the black market when he’s not delivering an arbitrary and ruthless justice to the local populace. Duff realizes he must get out before it’s too late, but only then does he discover he is already trapped in a lethal game of cat and mouse.

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