Bootleg Systems, a 1980s Retro-Futuristic First-Person Shooter and Platformer Seeks Funding on Kickstarter

Independent game developer Gabriel De Roy announces a new 80s sci-fi FPS/Platformer that brings out the retro gamer in you.

Montreal, Canada, August 14, 2015 –(– Currently on Kickstarter to obtain the necessary funds, Bootleg Systems is the next popular indie FPS.

The retro-futuristic neon lights paired with puzzle platforming will excite players of all ages. The game features the unique Clone Gun, which enables players to destroy enemies and navigate levels. From propelling players in sky-high jumps to exploding attackers, the Clone Gun can do it all.

Moreover, a sandbox mode will be available for players who have completed a certain number of campaign missions, allowing them to goof around and come back to the game even when all missions have been concluded. Completed with amazing and original synthwave music, Bootleg Systems is bound to bring out the retro gamer in you.

See the project live now on Kickstarter:
Contact Information
Bootleg Systems
Gabriel De Roy
450 812 8916