Bound Off Short Fiction Podcast Releases Tenth Issue

Nov. 19, 2006 – Bound Off, a monthly literary audio magazine, has recently released a tenth podcast of original fictional short stories, read aloud, at

The stories are:

# “Blink” written by Marian Allen and read by Kelly Shriver.

# “Love, Mortar” written by Amelia Gray and read by Dave Robinson.

# “Goodbye Blue” written by Tracie McBride and read by Ann Rushton.

The entire podcast is 24 minutes. The MP3 of the podcast is about 16mb in size and can be downloaded at

Marian Allen is a member of Southern Indiana Writers Group. Her web site is

Amelia Gray, an Arizona native, currently resides in San Marcos, Texas. Her stories have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Spork, Swivel, and Barbaric Yawp.

Tracie McBride is a mother of three from New Zealand . Her work has appeared in various e-zines, including Alien Skin, Flash Me and Spoiled Ink.

Music provided during the interludes is the track “Preemergence” by Mark Rushton. A copy of the complete song can be listened to and downloaded at the Bound Off Myspace site,

Mark Rushton’s music can also be found at and

Bound Off can be found at all major podcast search engines, including iTunes, Yahoo Podcasts, and Odeo.

Bound Off is seeking original literary fiction for our upcoming podcasts. Please send stories that are between 250 and 2500 words long. Although Bound Off is an audio publication, they will evaluate manuscripts the old-fashioned way.

Visit Bound Off at for more information on the podcasts and how writers can submit their stories.

— End —