Boycotted Pro Car Party Accuses Uk Media Of Censorship

Dec. 4, 2006 – The next paragraph has been posted on our website due to the fact that the UK media is keeping secret the existence of a new political party that supports the views of the majority of UK motorists. We doubt that free press exists as keeping this story from the British public is against the majority of motorists wishes who do not want to see road charging introduced into the UK. Suppressing news of a new political party that seeks to represent so many people is a scandal.

The Latest NEWS is that the National Newspapers and Television News Services in the UK are boycotting any News to do with The Car Party they refuse to give voice to the 32 Million motorists of whom 98% are against Road Charging, who are fed up with over taxation, the media is one-sided and guilty of suppressing news of an official Political Party in the UK.

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We will shortly be naming and shaming all those who are boycotting our story. We seek to represent the 98% of uk motorists who are against road charging. The media wish to keep our existence a secret.

The Car Party, the world’s first pro-car political party, has been created to support the cause of the beleaguered motorist in the UK.

Ever increasing transport costs are forcing the less well off motorists off the road. The low paid and those on fixed incomes are the first to be hit, with some even being forced to give up work. These workers include nurses, shop assistants and other key workers.
Families have to make hard choices in this anti-car environment so Stephen and Maureen Harrison have formed a political party to give motorists a voice.

The Car Party hope to attract enough interest to be able to fight seats in the areas of black box charging trials. We are also hoping to field candidates against the London Congestion Charge and Congestion Charges and Tolls in general. We wish to make this into a social cause for justice for the less well off who are being taxed off our roads. We are against a society where only the wealthy have access to motorcars, hobbies, work, shopping etc. With all political parties aiming to get the low paid, fixed income motorist (disabled or disadvantaged driver) off the road by taxation alone we feel now is the time to give voters a choice at the ballot box.

No political party is interested in social justice for the majority of motorists in the UK. The Car Party will fight for: more parking places for cars abolish wheel clamping, more park and ride schemes, reductions in Fuel Tax, 24/7 working on road works and harsher penalties for serious car crime.

We are a very new party and even getting this far has cost a lot of money. We feel strongly about this as a family with a disabled driver. The motor car only contributes 20% of UK co2 emissions and is being unfairly targeted. We believe that the anti car sentimentality has gone too far; this is set to cause unemployment and hardship and to ruin the UK’s competitiveness in the world.

The Car Party.

— End —