Brave Dave – The Makings Of A Hero By Simon Woodward Is Published

Dec. 8, 2006 – Brave Dave was brought into existence by a strange coincidence of events namely, a migration of swans, Halloween, and some lightning at 8:14pm. He was never prepared for the world he brought into, as he never had expected to be there. But being of the mind-set he is, Brave Dave is determined to make the best of it, and to do that he has to make an impact. In taking this decision it is obvious to him that there is only one thing he can do, and that is to help anyone and everyone, he feels needs help. Dave never realised the scale of the task he had set himself, but gradually, he becomes aware of the predicament he has put himself in. However, he knows he must succeed in his task. Throughout his journey of discovery he comes to the understanding he has to accept certain things of the new world he is in, and through that acceptance he eventually achieves his goals.

About the Author: Simon Woodward created Brave Dave to demonstrate to children, aged between 7 and 14, that the world they live in, can be as rewarding as they want it to be, even if it’s just through the consideration of others and without necessitating a certificate that says that much. He has attempted to make the story enjoyable on an adult level, so that, when parents read it to their children, they could get as much out of it as their children do.
The Brave Dave character and friends have been brought to life, in illustration, by an extremely talented artist, namely, Ralph Platt.

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Author: Simon Woodward

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