Breaking a Bad Habit to Improve Sales

Nov. 20, 2006 – NEWTON, MA (NOVEMBER 18, 2006) – Bad habits can cause problems in personal lives, but they can also hurt someone in business. According to Kelle Sparta, there are steps to break this habit.

“We usually develop bad habits out of stressful situations,” Sparta explains. “They calm us or change the situation (like lying) to make it easier, but in the end, they are harmful.”

Sparta is the founder of Sparta Success Systems, a real estate training company that provides tools, products, and training to empower agents and brokers to create lives and businesses they can love. She is the author of The Consultative Real Estate Agent – Building Relationships that Create Loyal Clients, Get More Referrals, and Increase Your Sales, as well as a speaker and trainer specializing in the real estate industry.

Sparta suggests the following tips to break a habit:

1. Recognize the bad habit: “The first step to breaking the habit is admitting that you have it,” says Sparta. Spend the next few days noticing what your habit is, when you do it, and what triggers it.

2. Break the pattern: “Once you learn to recognize the pattern, you are in a position to shift it,” explains Sparta. “If you can, eliminate the triggers.”

3. Replace the bad with the good: Now that you have cancelled out the habit, it’s time to replace it with a new, more healthy one, or consider whether there is even a need for something to take its place.

“It may take you a while to get used to this process. But eventually, you will find that changing this habit can be a freeing experience,” Sparta says.

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After a successful career as a real estate agent, Kelle Sparta focused on her passion for helping others by developing Sparta Success Systems ( in 2004. Having seen so many real estate agents fail and clients feeling uneasy about the process, she was inspired to create the company to provide training, products and coaching to help salespeople develop a better relationship with their clients.

Sparta Success Systems offers coaching, online and audio training, success tools and live events to help salespeople sell without pitching, persuading or pushing. The company also offers a blog chock full of tips and techniques, as well as a podcast called Agent Roundup (

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