Brett’s ‘Hot Hand Advantage’ Video of Winning Blackjack Strategies

Dec. 16, 2006 – Brett Granstaff: the black jack professional has shared his black jack card counting system with most of the major gambling publications, national TV shows and interviews coast to coast and now he is making it available to anyone who has a true desire to learn how to win at black jack.

One of Brett’s Black jack secret is that women make great Blackjack players! Brett says, “Make it fun!” He recommends that you bring in your girlfriends and make it a girls’ night out—and take over that table—everyone will want to play at your table if you’re having fun—and now you can win too!In the black jack video DVD Brett explains that one of the biggest advantages of being a female player is the fact that you are female. As one successful woman put it, “I can’t tell you how many times I was paid when I wasn’t supposed to be paid.” The key is be friendly—male dealers are famous for paying you at least once a round even when you are not supposed to be paid. Also, most of the pit bosses assume that the card counters are all men, so good female Blackjack players often fly under the radar when winning at a casino.This black jack video gives you everything you need to know to win at a table. Remember what Brett says: “Use what you’ve got!” There’s nothing more enjoyable than sitting at a table with male players and winning. In fact, some of Brett’s female students get asked for advice when the male players around the table see the chip stack growing and growing. Brett explains this all in his fascinating, fast paced 45-minute video. The Hot Hand Advantage DVD and game is available on the Hot Hand Advantage website ( and retails for $49.95. Why wait! Buy the greatest Black jack strategy system ever offered and as Brett says “Burn the House Down, with the Hot Hand Advantage!”Happy Winning!!If you want to know more about the “Hot Hand Advantage” strategy system, contact Brett directly via email at

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