BRICS100 RESEARCH Releases the First Ever BRICS100 List of Fastest Growing Companies: Alibaba Tops

The world’s very first listing of the companies that moved and shook the industries in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – the BRICS countries released.

Cape Town, South Africa, May 06, 2015 –(– Today, BRICS100 RESEARCH released the first ever BRICS100 annual listings of the fastest growing companies of BRICS nations for the year 2014. The world’s maiden exercise on ranking up the companies that moved and shook the industries in their countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – hinged on multiple parameters aimed at assessing their “potential for leading the market through innovation.” Among themselves, the BRICS100 companies introduced 100+ new products; evolved 50+ new global delivery platforms based on technology convergence, and created livelihood for 20000+ people directly and indirectly.

The BRICS100 marquee for 2014 adds a shimmering new section to the history of corporate and company rankings across the world – the one on best companies from the BRICS. The listings are a product of that solid, statistically proven BRICS100 RESEARCH conviction that economies of the new millennium will be built big only by businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs, who will courageously challenge the old, and weed the deadbeat off from business models and management styles. These companies would have moved away from the shadows of the smokestack behemoths, and will instead, only serve sparkling fresh wines in spanking new bottles. Long-term value for these enterprises will have meanings beyond the financial.

The BRICS100 listings for the year 2014 include companies that, without exception –have broken new grounds either in what they serve and produce; or, in how they connect-up with customers and markets and cover them; or, how they seek to re-define and re-cast the ways to manage business and to create value for the environments they are in. At least half of these companies are doing all of this, and more. Notably, the BRICS100 recognition, listings and rankings are neither about absolute revenues and sales nor about scale and global footprint. Instead, they hover around capacities and intents of companies to innovate and invent. The EPEX paradigm, on which the BRICS100 rankings stand, sweeps across drivers of what these companies are doing and how they are doing – and how all of this is going to impact the future of business, management and economics of the world.

27 Brazilian, 39 Indian, 6 Russian, 16 Chinese and 12 South African companies make the 2014 marquee of BRICS100. One possible explanation of Indian companies dominating the BRICS100 is their higher potential of making global impacts is of course, thanks to India’s inherently lower cost advantages; and a gigantic, sustainable reservoir of cross-cultural human talents who can work long hours and just about anywhere in the world. But the newest reason – and this should be scary for rivals – is that virtually every product or service that the BRICS100 team saw of these fastest growing Indian companies – all of them are entirely global in their looks, feels, language, attributes and features. The Chinese companies rock because they have adapted global ideas amazingly well for the Chinese. The Brazilian and Russian companies like RoboCV and PRXControl mark themselves distinct entirely because of the overwhelming newness of their products, and the whole bankload of attendant intellectual property. The South African dozen on the list appear special because of their sturdy, but constantly innovating business ways.

1. Alibaba (China)
2. RoboCV (Russia)
3. ZeptoLab (Russia)
4. UniPay (Brazil)
5. FlipKart (India)
6. Veduca (Brazil)
7. DesComplica (Brazil)
8. OlaCabs (India)
9. iMusica (Brazil)
10. Snapdeal (India)
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